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MSDN Library

ServiceClient.EntityStagingLoad Method

This API supports the SQL Server 2012 infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code.

Loads the members and its relationship into the entity staging area.

Namespace:  Microsoft.MasterDataServices
Assembly:  Microsoft.MasterDataServices (in Microsoft.MasterDataServices.dll)

Public Function EntityStagingLoad ( _
	International As International, _
	BatchTag As String, _
	ImportType As EntityStagingImportType, _
	ModelMembers As Collection(Of EntityMembers), _
	QueueForProcessing As Boolean, _
	<OutAttribute> ByRef StagingBatches As Collection(Of Identifier) _
) As OperationResult
Dim instance As ServiceClient 
Dim International As International 
Dim BatchTag As String 
Dim ImportType As EntityStagingImportType 
Dim ModelMembers As Collection(Of EntityMembers)
Dim QueueForProcessing As Boolean 
Dim StagingBatches As Collection(Of Identifier)
Dim returnValue As OperationResult 

returnValue = instance.EntityStagingLoad(International, _
	BatchTag, ImportType, ModelMembers, _
	QueueForProcessing, StagingBatches)


Type: Microsoft.MasterDataServices.International
The cultural settings.
Type: String
The user defined text to identify the batch.
Type: Microsoft.MasterDataServices.EntityStagingImportType
The type of import that should be attempted within the record to be staged.
Type: Collection(Of EntityMembers)
The collection of members to load.
Type: Boolean
true to queue the batch for subsequent processing; otherwise, false.
Type: Collection(Of Identifier)
When this method returns, contains the collection of identifiers of the staging batches. This parameter is passed uninitialized.

Return Value

Type: Microsoft.MasterDataServices.OperationResult
An OperationResult object that represents the result of the operation.

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