ObjectType Enumeration

Contains values that specify the type of an MDS model object.

Namespace:  Microsoft.MasterDataServices
Assembly:  Microsoft.MasterDataServices (in Microsoft.MasterDataServices.dll)

[DataContractAttribute(Name = L"ObjectType", Namespace = L"http://schemas.microsoft.com/sqlserver/masterdataservices/2009/09")]
public enum class ObjectType

Member nameDescription
UnknownSpecifies that the object type is not one of the standard object types.
ModelSpecifies an MDS model.
DerivedHierarchySpecifies a derived hierarchy.
DerivedHierarchyLevelSpecifies a level of a derived hierarchy.
VersionSpecifies a model version.
EntitySpecifies an entity.
HierarchySpecifies a hierarchy.
AttributeSpecifies an attribute.
AttributeGroupSpecifies an attribute group.
StagingBatchSpecifies a batch of staging records.
VersionFlagSpecifies a version flag.
UserSpecifies an MDS user.
MemberCodeSpecifies a code (business key) of a member.
AnnotationSpecifies an annotation.
BusinessRuleSpecifies a business rule.
BusinessRuleConditionTreeNodeSpecifies a node in the condition tree of a business rule.
BusinessRuleItemSpecifies a business rule item, such as a condition or an action.
BusinessRuleArgumentSpecifies a business rule argument.
TransactionSpecifies a transaction record.
MemberIdSpecifies an integer ID key for a member.
ExportViewSpecifies an export view.
UserGroupSpecifies a user group.