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MapPolygon Properties


(see also Protected Properties)
public propertyActualHeight  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyActualWidth  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyAllowDrop  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyAreAnyTouchesCaptured  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyAreAnyTouchesCapturedWithin  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyAreAnyTouchesDirectlyOver  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyAreAnyTouchesOver  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyBackground  (inherited from Panel)
public propertyBindingGroup  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyBitmapEffect  Obsolete.  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyBitmapEffectInput  Obsolete.  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyCacheMode  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyChildren  (inherited from Panel)
public propertyClip  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyClipToBounds  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyCommandBindings  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyContextMenu  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyCursor  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyDataContext  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyDependencyObjectType  (inherited from DependencyObject)
public propertyDesiredSize  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyDispatcher  (inherited from DispatcherObject)
public propertyEffect  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyFill 
Gets or sets the fill of the shape.
 (inherited from MapShapeBase)
public propertyFillRule
Gets or sets the fill rule for the polygon.
public propertyFlowDirection  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyFocusable  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyFocusVisualStyle  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyForceCursor  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyHasAnimatedProperties  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyHeight  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyHorizontalAlignment  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyInputBindings  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyInputScope  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyIsArrangeValid  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyIsEnabled  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyIsFocused  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyIsHitTestVisible  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyIsInitialized  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyIsInputMethodEnabled  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyIsItemsHost  (inherited from Panel)
public propertyIsKeyboardFocused  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyIsKeyboardFocusWithin  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyIsLoaded  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyIsManipulationEnabled  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyIsMeasureValid  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyIsMouseCaptured  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyIsMouseCaptureWithin  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyIsMouseDirectlyOver  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyIsMouseOver  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyIsSealed  (inherited from DependencyObject)
public propertyIsStylusCaptured  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyIsStylusCaptureWithin  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyIsStylusDirectlyOver  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyIsStylusOver  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyIsVisible  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyLanguage  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyLayoutTransform  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyLocations 
Gets or sets the locations that define the vertices of the shape.
 (inherited from MapShapeBase)
public propertyMargin  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyMaxHeight  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyMaxWidth  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyMinHeight  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyMinWidth  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyName  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyOpacity 
Gets or sets the opacity of the shape.
 (inherited from MapShapeBase)
public propertyOpacityMask 
Gets or sets the opacity mask for the shape.
 (inherited from MapShapeBase)
public propertyOverridesDefaultStyle  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyParent  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyPersistId  Obsolete.  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyRenderSize  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyRenderTransform  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyRenderTransformOrigin  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyResources  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertySnapsToDevicePixels  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyStroke 
Gets or sets the stroke color of the shape.
 (inherited from MapShapeBase)
public propertyStrokeDashArray 
Gets or sets the StrokeDashArray value of the shape.
 (inherited from MapShapeBase)
public propertyStrokeDashCap 
Gets or sets the StrokeDashCap value for the shape.
 (inherited from MapShapeBase)
public propertyStrokeDashOffset 
Gets or sets the StrokeDashOffset value for the shape.
 (inherited from MapShapeBase)
public propertyStrokeEndLineCap 
Gets or sets the StrokeEndLineCap value for the shape.
 (inherited from MapShapeBase)
public propertyStrokeLineJoin 
Gets or sets the StrokeLineJoin value for the shape.
 (inherited from MapShapeBase)
public propertyStrokeMiterLimit 
Gets or sets the StrokeMiterLimit value for the shape.
 (inherited from MapShapeBase)
public propertyStrokeStartLineCap 
Gets or sets the StrokeStartLineCap value for the shape.
 (inherited from MapShapeBase)
public propertyStrokeThickness 
Gets or sets the StrokeThickness value for the shape.
 (inherited from MapShapeBase)
public propertyStyle  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyTag  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyTemplatedParent  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyToolTip  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyTouchesCaptured  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyTouchesCapturedWithin  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyTouchesDirectlyOver  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyTouchesOver  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyTriggers  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyUid  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyUseLayoutRounding  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyVerticalAlignment  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyVisibility  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyWidth  (inherited from FrameworkElement)

protected propertyEncapsulatedShape 
Gets the shape.
 (inherited from MapShapeBase)
protected propertyIsEnabledCore  (inherited from UIElement)
protected propertyProjectedPointsOverridden.
Gets or sets the vertices of the polygon.
protected propertyStylusPlugIns  (inherited from UIElement)
protected propertyVisualChildrenCount  (inherited from Panel)
protected propertyVisualParent  (inherited from Visual)
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