MapPolygon Members

This documentation is no longer available on MSDN, however it is available as a CHM download.

Represents a polygon on the map.

The following tables list the members exposed by the MapPolygon type.

  Name Description
MapPolygon Initializes a new instance of the MapPolygon class.

(see also Protected Properties)
public propertyActualHeight  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyActualWidth  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyBackground  (inherited from Control)
public propertyBorderBrush  (inherited from Control)
public propertyBorderThickness  (inherited from Control)
public propertyCacheMode  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyClip  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyCursor  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyDataContext  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyDesiredSize  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyDispatcher  (inherited from DependencyObject)
public propertyEffect  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyFill  Gets or sets the fill of the shape. (inherited from MapShapeBase)
public propertyFillRuleGets or sets the fill rule for the polygon.
public propertyFontFamily  (inherited from Control)
public propertyFontSize  (inherited from Control)
public propertyFontStretch  (inherited from Control)
public propertyFontStyle  (inherited from Control)
public propertyFontWeight  (inherited from Control)
public propertyForeground  (inherited from Control)
public propertyHeight  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyHorizontalAlignment  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyHorizontalContentAlignment  (inherited from Control)
public propertyIsEnabled  (inherited from Control)
public propertyIsHitTestVisible  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyIsTabStop  (inherited from Control)
public propertyLanguage  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyLocations  Gets or sets the locations that define the vertices of the shape. (inherited from MapShapeBase)
public propertyMargin  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyMaxHeight  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyMaxWidth  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyMinHeight  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyMinWidth  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyName  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyOpacity  Gets or sets the opacity of the shape. (inherited from MapShapeBase)
public propertyOpacityMask  Gets or sets the opacity mask for the shape. (inherited from MapShapeBase)
public propertyPadding  (inherited from Control)
public propertyParent  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyParentMap  Gets the parent map of the shape. (inherited from MapShapeBase)
public propertyProjection  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyRenderSize  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyRenderTransform  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyRenderTransformOrigin  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyResources  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyStroke  Gets or sets the stroke color of the shape. (inherited from MapShapeBase)
public propertyStrokeDashArray  Gets or sets the StrokeDashArray value of the shape. (inherited from MapShapeBase)
public propertyStrokeDashCap  Gets or sets the StrokeDashCap value for the shape. (inherited from MapShapeBase)
public propertyStrokeDashOffset  Gets or sets the StrokeDashOffset value for the shape. (inherited from MapShapeBase)
public propertyStrokeEndLineCap  Gets or sets the StrokeEndLineCap value for the shape. (inherited from MapShapeBase)
public propertyStrokeLineJoin  Gets or sets the StrokeLineJoin value for the shape. (inherited from MapShapeBase)
public propertyStrokeMiterLimit  Gets or sets the StrokeMiterLimit value for the shape. (inherited from MapShapeBase)
public propertyStrokeStartLineCap  Gets or sets the StrokeStartLineCap value for the shape. (inherited from MapShapeBase)
public propertyStrokeThickness  Gets or sets the StrokeThickness value for the shape. (inherited from MapShapeBase)
public propertyStyle  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyTabIndex  (inherited from Control)
public propertyTabNavigation  (inherited from Control)
public propertyTag  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyTemplate  (inherited from Control)
public propertyTriggers  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyUseLayoutRounding  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyVerticalAlignment  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyVerticalContentAlignment  (inherited from Control)
public propertyVisibility  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyWidth  (inherited from FrameworkElement)

  Name Description
protected property Content  (inherited from UserControl)
protected property DefaultStyleKey  (inherited from Control)
protected property EncapsulatedShape  Gets the shape. (inherited from MapShapeBase)
protected property ProjectedPoints Overridden. Gets or sets the vertices of the polygon.

(see also Protected Methods)
public methodAddHandler  (inherited from UIElement)
public methodApplyTemplate  (inherited from Control)
public methodArrange  (inherited from UIElement)
public methodCaptureMouse  (inherited from UIElement)
public methodCheckAccess  (inherited from DependencyObject)
public methodClearValue  (inherited from DependencyObject)
public methodEquals  (inherited from Object)
public methodFindName  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public methodFocus  (inherited from Control)
public methodGetAnimationBaseValue  (inherited from DependencyObject)
public methodGetBindingExpression  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public methodGetHashCode  (inherited from Object)
public methodGetType  (inherited from Object)
public methodGetValue  (inherited from DependencyObject)
public methodInvalidateArrange  (inherited from UIElement)
public methodInvalidateMeasure  (inherited from UIElement)
public methodMeasure  (inherited from UIElement)
public methodOnApplyTemplate  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public methodProjectionUpdated  Enables the ability to provide custom handling when the map projection changes. (inherited from MapShapeBase)
public methodReadLocalValue  (inherited from DependencyObject)
public methodReleaseMouseCapture  (inherited from UIElement)
public methodRemoveHandler  (inherited from UIElement)
public methodSetBinding  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public methodSetValue  (inherited from DependencyObject)
public methodToString  (inherited from Object)
public methodTransformToVisual  (inherited from UIElement)
public methodUpdateLayout  (inherited from UIElement)

  Name Description
protected method ArrangeOverride  Overridden. Arranges the shape to fit on the map. (inherited from FrameworkElement)
protected method Finalize  (inherited from Object)
protected method GetTemplateChild  (inherited from Control)
protected method MeasureOverride  Overridden. Measures the shape to fit the available size. (inherited from FrameworkElement)
protected method MemberwiseClone  (inherited from Object)
protected method OnCreateAutomationPeer  Overridden. Enables the ability to provide custom handling when an automation peer is created. (inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnGotFocus  (inherited from Control)
protected method OnKeyDown  (inherited from Control)
protected method OnKeyUp  (inherited from Control)
protected method OnLostFocus  (inherited from Control)
protected method OnLostMouseCapture  (inherited from Control)
protected method OnMouseEnter  (inherited from Control)
protected method OnMouseLeave  (inherited from Control)
protected method OnMouseLeftButtonDown  (inherited from Control)
protected method OnMouseLeftButtonUp  (inherited from Control)
protected method OnMouseMove  (inherited from Control)
protected method OnMouseWheel  (inherited from Control)

  Name Description
public event BindingValidationError  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public event GotFocus  (inherited from UIElement)
public event IsEnabledChanged  (inherited from Control)
public event KeyDown  (inherited from UIElement)
public event KeyUp  (inherited from UIElement)
public event LayoutUpdated  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public event Loaded  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public event LostFocus  (inherited from UIElement)
public event LostMouseCapture  (inherited from UIElement)
public event MouseEnter  (inherited from UIElement)
public event MouseLeave  (inherited from UIElement)
public event MouseLeftButtonDown  (inherited from UIElement)
public event MouseLeftButtonUp  (inherited from UIElement)
public event MouseMove  (inherited from UIElement)
public event MouseWheel  (inherited from UIElement)
public event SizeChanged  (inherited from FrameworkElement)