This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Microsoft.ManagementConsole.Advanced Namespace

Visual Studio 2008

This namespace contains the classes that aid in creating advanced features for snap-ins.

Public classConsoleExposes functionality from the main MMC console window.
Public classExtendsNodeTypeAttributeSpecifies which node types can be extended. It is an optional attribute. Multiple instances of this attribute may be applied to a single snap-in class.
Public classMessageBoxParametersRepresents the parameters that are used to show a modal message box on either a property sheet or the console.
Public classNamespaceExtension This class provides an entry point for a namespace extension. It is the entry point for custom code execution.
Public classPrimaryScopeNodeExposes properties and data to a namespace extension.
Public classPrimarySnapInDataExceptionRepresents the exception that is thrown when an extension fails to read a data object that is shared by a primary snap-in. The extension that receives this exception can catch this exception and continue functioning.
Public classPropertySheetExtensionProvides an entry point for a property sheet extension. It is also the entry point for custom code execution.
Public classWaitCursorRepresent a modal wait cursor loop.
Public classWaitDialogPops up UI to show during a lengthy asynchronous operation when the user cannot perform any other action in the snap-in or view.