ActionGroup Members

This is a sealed class that represents a group of actions. This submenu may be exposed through various UI elements such as the actions pane or context menu.

The following tables list the members exposed by the ActionGroup type.

  Name Description
ActionGroup Overloaded.  

  Name Description
public property Description  Gets or sets the status bar text. (Inherited from ActionsPaneExtendedItem)
public property DisplayName  Gets or sets the display string for the action. If the MnemonicDisplayName is not empty, it is used instead of DisplayName for UI that supports mnemonics.  (Inherited from ActionsPaneExtendedItem)
public property ImageIndex  Gets or sets the index of the image for the actions pane extended item. (Inherited from ActionsPaneExtendedItem)
public property Items Gets the collection of child items that are in the actions pane.
public property LanguageIndependentName  Gets or sets a language-independent name that uniquely identifies an item in the set of actions for an object. If this value is not specified or is empty, the DisplayName is used. (Inherited from ActionsPaneExtendedItem)
public property MnemonicDisplayName  Gets or sets the mnemonic display string for the action. If available, this value is used in UI that supports mnemonics, such as menus and actions panes. (Inherited from ActionsPaneExtendedItem)
public property RenderAsRegion Gets or sets a flag that determines whether the group is rendered as a region. The defaults value is false.
public property Tag  Gets or sets an optional user-defined value that is useful in identifying the event when it is handled.  (Inherited from ActionsPaneItem)

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  Name Description
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