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Microsoft.Management.Infrastructure.Options Namespace

Class Description
CimCredential Represents a CIM credential.
CimOperationOptions Represents options of a CIM operation.
CimSessionOptions Represents options of a CIM session.
CimSubscriptionDeliveryOptions Represents options related to CIM subscription delivery.
DComSessionOptions Represents options of a CIM session that uses DCOM as the transport protocol.
WSManSessionOptions Represents options of a CIM session that uses WSMan as the transport protocol.

Delegate Description
PromptUserCallback Represents a prompt user callback.
WriteErrorCallback Represents a write error callback.
WriteMessageCallback Represents a write message callback.
WriteProgressCallback Represents a write progress callback.

Enumeration Description
CertificateAuthenticationMechanism Specifies the certificate authentication mechanism of a CIM credential object.
CimCallbackMode Specifies the CIM callback mode for the CIM operation options.
CimOperationFlags Specifies the flags of a CIM operation.
CimPromptType Specifies a CIM prompt type that is used in callback delegates of a CIM operation options object.
CimResponseType Specifies the CIM response when the callback mode of a CIM operation options object is set to inquire.
CimWriteMessageChannel Specifies the channel in which to send out a message.
ImpersonatedAuthenticationMechanism Specifies the impersonated authentication mechanism of a CIM session.
ImpersonationType Used by the DCOM protocol handler to specify how impersonation is done on the server.
PacketEncoding Specifies the packet encoding of a WSMan session options object.
PasswordAuthenticationMechanism Specifies the authentication mechanism for passwords. Note that not all protocols and transports support the entire list of values here, and some protocols and transports may support other authentication mechanisms.
ProxyType Specifies an enumeration of proxy type.
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