ParticipantProperty enumeration

Lync 2013

Enumerates the participant properties.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Lync.Model.Conversation
Assembly:  Microsoft.Lync.Model (in Microsoft.Lync.Model.dll)

public enum ParticipantProperty

Member nameDescription
RepresentedByIf remote participant is representing another party, the representation details.
ReferredByUriIf remote participant was referred by another party, the transferor's URI
NameThe participant name.
IsAnonymousThe participant is Anonymous.
IsAuthenticatedThe participant is authenticated.
IsInLobbyThe participant is in the lobby.
IsLeaderThe participant is the leader of the conversation.
IsCallParkServiceThe participant is the Call Park Service.
ParkedCallThe msParkedCall token used for safe-retrieve.
SoftMuteChangeInitiatorGives the reason for the last soft mute property change.
IsRecordingThe participant is recording.
IsPresenterThe participant is a presenter in the conversation.

A presenter can share local resources in the conversation.

IsPinnedThe video stream of the participant is pinned to the user's conversation window video gallery.
IsLockedA meeting presenter has locked he video stream of the participant in the user's conversation window video gallery.