ModalityDisconnectReason enumeration

Lync 2013

Enumerates the modality disconnect reasons.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Lync.Model.Conversation
Assembly:  Microsoft.Lync.Model (in Microsoft.Lync.Model.dll)

public enum ModalityDisconnectReason

Member nameDescription
NoneDisconnect to leave currently connected modality.
TimeoutDisconnect with timeout for incoming p2p.
BusyDisconnect with busy for incoming p2p.
NotAcceptableHereDisconnect with not acceptable here.
DeclineDisconnect to decline incoming p2p allowing redirection to voicemail.
DeclineEverywhereDisconnect to decline incoming p2p everywhere.
ReplyOtherDisconnect to decline incoming P2P and reply with different modality.

If this disconnect reason is selected for an incoming AVModality call then the parent Conversation is disconnected and removed. The ConversationManager.ConversationRemoved event is raised.