ConversationProperty Enumeration

Enumerates the conversation properties.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Lync.Model.Conversation
Assembly:  Microsoft.Lync.Model (in Microsoft.Lync.Model.dll)

public enum ConversationProperty

Member nameDescription
Id The conversation identifier.

The Id can change in the life of a Conversation instance. In consequence, this property cannot be relied on to uniquely identify a conversation.

Subject The conversation subject.
Importance The conversation importance level.
TransferredBy If this conversation originated through a transfer, then ID of the conversation that originated transfer.
Replaced If this conversation is/has ever been in conference, the conference focus URI it is connected/will reconnect to.
ConferencingUri If this conversation is/has ever been in conference, the conference focus uri it is connected/will reconnect to.
RepresentedBy If this conversation is affected by boss/admin retargeting, this provides the representation details.
ConferenceInviterRepresentationInfo If this conference conversation is affected by boss/admin retargeting, this provides the representation details.
FollowUp The conversation follow-up flag.
Reserved1 Reserved for future use.
ConferenceAcceptingParticipant If this conference conversation is answered by another party, this provides the party's contact object.
Reserved2 Reserved for future use.
AcceptanceState The acceptance state (from local point of view) of this conversation.
IsUsbConversation Indicates if the conversation is a USB conversation.
AutoTerminateOnIdle Indicates whether the conversation will implicitly terminate when last modality session becomes inactive.

Setting this property to false allows you to reuse a Conversation instance to continue a conversation using the participants originally in the conversation. You call into Connect() on the modality previously assigned to the conversation or you can add an additional modality and connect. When AutoTerminateOnIdle is set to false, you must call into Conversation.End() to terminate a conversation.

ConferenceEscalationProgress Indicates progression of escalation to conference.
ConferenceEscalationResult Indicates result code of escalation to conference.
ConferencingInvitedModes Mask with bits set corresponding to invited types.
Inviter Contact for the party that sent the invitation to the conversation.
ConferencingLocked Flag corresponding to whether conference is currently locked.
ConferencingFirstInstantMessage Initial instant message that was sent with the conference invitation, formatted as plain text.
ConferenceAccessInformation Conference access information that details accessibility mechanisms for this conference. (ConferenceAccessInfo).
ConferencingAccessType Indicates the current access type of the conference.
CallParkOrbit The orbit that can be used to retrieve a parked call.
ConferenceDisclaimer Disclaimer title and body.
ConferenceDisclaimerAccepted Returns true if the user has accepted the conference disclaimer.
ConferenceTerminateOnLeave Terminate conference upon leaving the conversation.
IsBeingRecorded The conversation is being recorded by at least one participant.
Reserved3 Reserved for future use.
Reserved4 Reserved for future use.
Reserved5 Reserved for future use.
Reserved6 Reserved for future use.
Reserved7 Reserved for future use.
Reserved8 Reserved for future use.
Reserved9 Reserved for future use.
Reserved10 Reserved for future use.
Reserved11 Reserved for future use.
Reserved12 Reserved for future use.
Reserved13 Reserved for future use.