Microsoft.Lync.Model.Conversation.AudioVideo Namespace

  Class Description
Public class AudioChannel Represents the media channel that carries an audio data stream.
Public class AVModality Defines the audio/video modality and handles both audio and video calls using the AudioChannel and VideoChannel properties. When the AVModality is connected, the default channel is audio. Starting the video channel will cause the audio channel to start if the modality is disconnected.
Public class CallParkOrbit Represents a Call Park Service entry containing a parked call. Used to retrieve a parked call.
Public class Channel Abstract class representing the carrier of a stream of data such as audio or video.
Public class ChannelActionAvailabilityEventArgs Represents the event data of a ChannelActionAvailability event.
Public class ChannelStateChangedEventArgs Represents the event data of a ChannelStateChanged event.
Public class StreamStateChangedEventArgs Represents the event data of a StreamStateChanged event.
Public class VideoChannel Represents a media channel that carries a video data stream.
Public class VideoWindow Draws the video content for either the outoing (capture) or the incoming (render) video. Native implementation of the IVideoWindow interface

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration CallUnparkReason Enumerates the reasons why a previously-parked call was unparked.
Public enumeration ChannelAction Enumerates the valid channel actions.
Public enumeration ChannelState Enumerates the media channel states.
Public enumeration MediaQuality Enumerates the quality levels of media session for a modality.
Public enumeration MediaStreamDirection Enumerates the media stream directions.
Public enumeration SpeakerMode Enumerates the speaker modes.
Public enumeration TransferOptions Enumerates the transfer options.