ContactSearchResultList class

Lync 2013

Use the ContactSearchResultList control to display the result of a search performed by the ContactSearchInputBox control.


Namespace:  Microsoft.Lync.Controls
Assembly:  Microsoft.Lync.Controls (in Microsoft.Lync.Controls.dll)

[TemplatePartAttribute(Name = "ScrollViewer", Type = typeof(FrameworkElement))]
[TemplatePartAttribute(Name = "PART_TrySkillSearchButton", Type = typeof(ButtonBase))]
public class ContactSearchResultList : UCListBox

This control provides an result list for a contact search. To initiate a search, this control must be paired with a ContactSearchInputBox.

The ContactSearchInputBox and ContactSearchResultList controls, while related, are designed as separate controls to allow the developer to display search results and search input in separate locations on a page.

Alternatively, use the ContactSearch control, which encapsulates both features in a single, self contained control.

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