ContactSearchInputBox class

Lync 2013

Use the ContactSearchInputBox control to enable users to search their organization for people based on name, phone number, or skill.


Namespace:  Microsoft.Lync.Controls
Assembly:  Microsoft.Lync.Controls (in Microsoft.Lync.Controls.dll)

[TemplatePartAttribute(Name = "PART_TextSearch", Type = typeof(TextBox))]
[TemplatePartAttribute(Name = "PART_SearchHint", Type = typeof(ContentControl))]
[TemplatePartAttribute(Name = "PART_ClearButton", Type = typeof(Button))]
[TemplateVisualStateAttribute(Name = "SearchInUse", GroupName = "SearchInUseStates")]
[TemplateVisualStateAttribute(Name = "SearchNotInUse", GroupName = "SearchInUseStates")]
public class ContactSearchInputBox : UCBase

The ContactSearchInputBox control displays a text box where users enter a search string. The search is executed automatically, one second after the search text is changed, or explicitly when the user presses Enter in the ContactSearchInputBox. Once a search is complete, the results appear in a ContactSearchResultList control. The ContactSearchResultList control provides an input box for searching for contacts by name or keyword. The ContactSearchInputBox and ContactSearchResultList controls, while related, are designed as separate controls to allow the developer to display search results and search input in separate locations on a page. Use the ContactSearch control in Lync Control applications to display the ContactSearchInputBox and ContactSearchResultList controls together in the same location on a page.

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