ContactCard class

Lync 2013

The ContactCard control shows basic or detailed contact and organization information for contacts.


Namespace:  Microsoft.Lync.Controls
Assembly:  Microsoft.Lync.Controls (in Microsoft.Lync.Controls.dll)

[TemplatePartAttribute(Name = "PART_NoteContainer", Type = typeof(FrameworkElement))]
[TemplatePartAttribute(Name = "PART_ExpandDetailsToggleButton", Type = typeof(ToggleButton))]
[TemplatePartAttribute(Name = "PART_DetailsContainer", Type = typeof(FrameworkElement))]
public class ContactCard : ContactBase

This control displays a contact card for a person or distribution group, specified by the property. The card can optionally be IsExpanded, to reveal a set of SelectedTabIndex which show detailed information about the contact. This control displays presence and availability of colleagues, and gives users the ability to start instant message sessions, voice calls, file transfers, application sharing sessions, or conference calls.

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