onContactPresenceChanged Method

Current information about Live Connect is now available in the Windows Live Developer Center. The information in the following sections is provided for legacy purposes only.

The handler that is called when the contact's presence is changed.

Script:  http://js.live.net/4.1/loader.js
Feature:  Microsoft.Live
Namespace:  Microsoft.Live



Type: Microsoft.Live..::.ContactPresenceChangedCallback

The callback handler that is executed when a contact's presence is changed.

The following code example demonstrates how to detect when a contact has become busy.

messengerContext = wl.App.get_messengerContext();
function onContactPresenceChanged(cid, name, value)
    if (value == Microsoft.Live.Messenger.PresenceStatus.busy)
        messengerContext = wl.App.get_messengerContext();
        var contact = messengerContext.findContact(cid);
        alert(contact.get_fullName() + " is busy.");

Windows Live Messenger Connect

Supported in: 4.1

Internet Explorer 8.0, Internet Explorer 7.0, Internet Explorer 6.0, Firefox 3.6, Firefox 3.5, Firefox 3.0, Firefox 2.0, Firefox 1.5, Chrome 4.0, Chrome 3.0, Chrome 2.0, Chrome 1.0, Safari 4.0, Safari 3.0