JointTrackingState Enumeration

Kinect for Windows 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8

Skeleton joint tracking states. Depending on the data available in the depth stream, the skeleton stream may produce joints that are fully tracked, inferred, or not tracked.

public enum JointTrackingState

 Member nameDescription
InferredJoint data is inferred by calculating it from other tracked joints. Since the data is calculated, confidence in the data is very low.
NotTrackedJoint data is not tracked; there is no joint data available.
TrackedJoint data is tracked and available. Since the data is tracked, confidence in the data is very high.

A tracked joint that cannot be seen by the camera is inferred. That is, the joint position is calculated from surrounding joint data rather than captured by the camera.

This enumeration is used by the Joint.TrackingState property. Joints make up a skeleton; to visualize the skeleton joints, see JointType Enumeration.

To find out more about using joints for skeleton tracking, see Skeletal Tracking.

Namespace: Microsoft.Kinect
Assembly: Microsoft.Kinect (in microsoft.kinect.dll)

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