JSError Enumeration

Contains the error codes associated with the JScript error messages.

Namespace: Microsoft.JScript
Assembly: Microsoft.JScript (in microsoft.jscript.dll)

public enum JSError
/** @attribute ComVisibleAttribute(true) */ 
/** @attribute GuidAttribute("268CA962-2FEF-3152-BA46-E18658B7FA4F") */ 
public enum JSError
public enum JSError

 Member nameDescription
AbstractCannotBePrivateAn abstract method cannot be private. 
AbstractCannotBeStaticStatic methods cannot be abstract. 
AbstractWithBodyAn abstract function cannot have body. 
ActionNotSupportedObject does not support this action. 
AmbiguousBindingBecauseOfEvalThe presence of Eval has made the use of this name ambiguous. 
AmbiguousBindingBecauseOfWithThe With statement has made the use of this name ambiguous. 
AmbiguousConstructorCallMore than one constructor matches this parameter list. 
AmbiguousMatchMore than one method or property matches this parameter list. 
ArrayLengthAssignIncorrectArray length must be assigned a finite positive number. 
ArrayLengthConstructIncorrectArray length must be a finite positive integer. 
ArrayMayBeCopiedAssigning a JScript array to a System.Array may cause the array to be copied. 
AssemblyAttributesMustBeGlobalAssembly custom attributes may not be part of another construct. 
AssignmentToReadOnlyAssignment to read-only field or property. 
BadBreakCannot have break outside the loop. 
BadContinueCannot have continue outside the loop. 
BadFunctionDeclarationPossible illegal function declaration, function missing or unrecognized syntax error. 
BadHexDigitExpected hexadecimal digit. 
BadLabelLabel redefined. 
BadModifierInInterfaceThis modifier cannot be used on an interface member. 
BadOctalLiteralMalformed octal literal treated as decimal literal. 
BadPropertyDeclarationIllegal properties declaration. The getter must not have arguments and the setter must have one argument. 
BadReturnReturn statement outside the function. 
BadSwitchMissing case or default statement. 
BadThrowA throw must have an argument when not inside the catch block of a try statement. 
BadVariableDeclarationPossible illegal variable declaration, var missing, or unrecognized syntax error. 
BadWayToLeaveFinallyIt is slow and potentially confusing to leave a finally block this way. 
BaseClassIsExpandoAlreadyA base class is already marked Expando; current specification will be ignored. 
BooleanExpectedNo Boolean value found. 
CannotAssignToFunctionResultCannot assign to a function result. 
CannotBeAbstractCannot be abstract unless class is marked as abstract. 
CannotCallSecurityMethodLateBoundThe Deny, PermitOnly, and Assert security methods cannot be called using late binding. 
CannotChangeVisibilityCannot change visibility specification of a base method. 
CannotInstantiateAbstractClassIt is not possible to construct an instance of an abstract class. 
CannotNestPositionDirectivePosition directive must be ended before a new one can be started. 
CannotReturnValueFromVoidFunctionCannot return a value from a void function or constructor. 
CannotUseNameOfClassOnly a constructor function can have the same name as the class it appears in. 
CannotUseStaticSecurityAttributeJScript does not support static security attributes. 
CantAssignThisCannot assign to this
CantCreateObjectCannot create object. 
CcInvalidElifUnmatched @elif; no @if defined. 
CcInvalidElseUnmatched @else; no @if defined. 
CcInvalidEndUnmatched @end; no @if defined. 
CcInvalidInDebuggerConditional compilation directives and variables cannot be used in the debugger. 
CcOffConditional compilation is turned off. 
CircularDefinitionCircular definition. 
ClashWithPropertyClashes with property. 
ClassNotAllowedClass definition not allowed in this context. 
ConstructorMayNotHaveReturnTypeA constructor function may not have a return type. 
CustomAttributeUsedMoreThanOnceThis type of attribute must be unique. 
DateExpectedDate object expected. 
DelegatesShouldNotBeExplicitlyConstructedDelegates should not be explicitly constructed; simply use the method name. 
DifferentReturnTypeFromBaseMethod in base has a different return type. 
DoesNotHaveAnAddressExpression does not have an address. 
DupDefaultdefault can only appear once in a switch statement. 
DuplicateMethodThis method has the same name, parameter types, and return type as another method in this class. 
DuplicateNameIdentifier already in use. 
DuplicateNamedParameterDuplicate named parameter. 
DupVisibilityVisibility modifier already defined. 
EnumeratorExpectedEnumerator object expected. 
EnumNotAllowedenum definition not allowed in this context. 
ErrEOFExpecting more source characters. 
ExceptionFromHResultException from HRESULT. 
ExecutablesCannotBeLocalizedExecutables cannot be localized; Culture should always be empty. 
ExpandoClassShouldNotImpleEnumerableExpando class should not implement IEnumerable or GetEnumerator. The interface is implicitly defined on Expando classes. 
ExpandoMustBePublicExpando methods must be public. 
ExpandoPrecludesAbstractExpando methods cannot be abstract. 
ExpandoPrecludesOverrideExpando methods cannot override base class methods. 
ExpandoPrecludesStaticExpando methods cannot be static. 
ExpectedAssemblyExpected assembly. 
ExpressionExpectedExpected expression. 
FileNotFoundFile not found. 
FinalPrecludesAbstractfinal and abstract cannot be used together. 
FractionOutOfRangeThe number of fractional digits is out of range. 
FuncEvalAbortedFunction evaluation was aborted. 
FuncEvalBadLocationFunction evaluation cannot be done when stopped at this point in the program. 
FuncEvalBadThreadNotStartedFunction evaluation failed and the thread has not started. 
FuncEvalBadThreadStateFunction evaluation failed, so the thread is in a bad state. 
FuncEvalThreadSleepWaitJoinFunction evaluation failed. The thread is sleeping, waiting on an object, or waiting for another thread to finish. 
FuncEvalThreadSuspendedFunction evaluation failed. The thread is suspended. 
FuncEvalTimedoutFunction evaluation timed out. 
FuncEvalWebMethodCannot call a Web method in the debugger. 
FunctionExpectedA function was expected. 
GetAndSetAreInconsistentThe get and set methods of this property do not match each other. 
HidesAbstractInBaseMethod hides abstract in a base class. 
HidesParentMemberbase class already contains a member by this name. 
IllegalAssignmentIllegal assignment. 
IllegalCharInvalid character. 
IllegalEvalAn Eval may not be called via an alias. 
IllegalParamArrayAttributeA variable argument list must be of an array type. 
IllegalUseOfSuperIt is not valid to use the super keyword in this way. 
IllegalUseOfThisIt is illegal to use this in current context. 
IllegalVisibilityIllegal visibility modifier. 
ImplicitlyReferencedAssemblyNotFoundA referenced assembly depends on another assembly that is not referenced or could not be found. 
ImpossibleConversionThe specified conversion or coercion is not possible. 
IncompatibleAssemblyReferenceThe assembly referenced is incompatible. 
IncompatibleVisibilityIncompatible visibility modifier. 
IncorrectNumberOfIndicesThe number of indices does not match the dimension of the array. 
InstanceNotAccessibleFromStaticA non-static member is not accessible from a static scope. 
InterfaceIllegalInInterfaceInterfaces cannot be declared in an interface
InternalErrorAn internal error has been thrown. 
InvalidAssemblyKeyFileAn invalid assembly key file has been used. 
InvalidBaseTypeForEnumenum base type must be a primitive integral type. 
InvalidCallInvalid procedure call or argument. 
InvalidCustomAttributeA custom attribute class must derive from Attribute
InvalidCustomAttributeArgumentOnly primitive types are allowed in a custom attribute constructor arguments list. 
InvalidCustomAttributeClassOrCtorUnknown custom attribute class or constructor. 
InvalidCustomAttributeTargetThis attribute is not valid for this type of declaration. 
InvalidDebugDirectiveInvalid debug directive. 
InvalidElseUnmatched else; no if defined. 
InvalidImportThe import statement is not valid in this context. 
InvalidLanguageOptionMust specify either "fast" or "versionSafe" language option. 
InvalidPositionDirectiveAn unknown position directive was discovered. 
InvalidPrototypeThis function does not have a valid prototype object. 
InvalidResourceThis is not a valid .resources file. 
ItemNotAllowedOnExpandoClassCannot define the property Item on an Expando class. This Item is reserved for the Expando fields. 
KeywordUsedAsIdentifier"xxxx" is a new reserved word and should not be used as an identifier. 
MemberInitializerCannotContainFuncExprA member initializer cannot contain a function expression. 
MemberTypeCLSCompliantMismatchClass member cannot be marked CLS compliant because the class is not marked as CLS compliant. 
MethodClashOnExpandoSuperClassA base class defines get_Item or set_Item, and cannot create Expando class. Methods are reserved for the Expando fields. 
MethodInBaseIsNotVirtualA method in a base class that is final or not virtualoverride is ignored. Specify hide
MethodNotAllowedOnExpandoClassCannot define get_Item or set_Item on an Expando class. Methods reserved for the Expando fields. 
MissingConstructForAttributesThe list of attributes does not apply to the current context. 
MissingNameParameterThe specified named parameter name is not one of the formal parameters. 
MoreNamedParametersThanArgumentsToo few arguments specified. The number of named parameter names cannot exceed the number of arguments passed in. 
MustBeEOLDirective may not be followed by other code on the same line. 
MustImplementMethodA class must provide implementation. 
MustProvideNameForNamedParameterCannot provide a null reference (Nothing in Visual Basic) or empty named parameter name. 
NeedArrayObjectA "|" is not an array object. Array object expected. 
NeedCompileTimeConstantAn expression must be a compile-time constant. 
NeedInstanceMust be an instance. 
NeedInterfaceAn interface name was expected. 
NeedObjectAn object is required. 
NeedTypeA type name is expected. 
NestedInstanceTypeCannotBeExtendedByStaticA non-static nested type can only be extended by non-static type nested in the same class
NewNotSpecifiedInMethodDeclarationA method matches a method in a base class. Must specify override or hide
NoAtExpected @
NoCatchExpected catch
NoCcEndExpected @end
NoColonExpected ":". 
NoCommaExpected ",". 
NoCommaOrTypeDefinitionErrorExpected "," or illegal type declaration; write "<Identifier> : <Type>" not "<Type> <Identifier>". 
NoCommentEndComment not terminated. 
NoConstructorNo such constructor. 
NoEqualExpected "=". 
NoFuncEvalAllowedFunction evaluation aborted. To turn on property evaluation, go to the Debugging folder, in the Options dialog box on the Tools menu. 
NoIdentifierExpected identifier. 
NoLabelLabel not found. 
NoLeftCurlyExpected "{". 
NoLeftParenExpected "(". 
NoMemberIdentifierExpected identifier or string
NoMethodInBaseToNewThere is no member in a base class to hide
NoMethodInBaseToOverrideThere is no member in a base class to override
NonCLSCompliantMemberThe specified member is not CLS compliant. 
NonCLSCompliantTypeThe specified type is not CLS compliant. 
NonStaticWithTypeNameA non-static member cannot be accessed with the class name. 
NonSupportedInDebuggerThe expression cannot be evaluated in the debugger. 
NoRightBracketExpected "]". 
NoRightBracketOrCommaExpected "," or "]". 
NoRightCurlyExpected "}". 
NoRightParenExpected "," or ")". 
NoRightParenOrCommaExpected "," or ")". 
NoSemicolonExpected ";". 
NoSuchMemberObjects of this type do not have such a member. 
NoSuchStaticMemberType does not have such a static member. 
NoSuchTypeType could not be found. Is an assembly reference missing? 
NotAccessibleNot accessible from this scope. 
NotAllowedInSuperConstructorCallNot allowed in a call to the super class constructor. 
NotAnExpandoFunctionClass members used as constructors should be marked as Expando functions. 
NotCollectionThis object is not a collection. 
NotConstExpected constant. 
NotDeletable"xxxx" cannot be deleted. 
NotIndexableObjects of this type are not indexable. 
NotInsideClassOnly valid inside a class definition. 
NotMeantToBeCalledDirectlyThis method is not meant to be called directly. It is probably part of a property definition. 
NotOKToCallSuperIt is not valid to call a super constructor from this location. 
NotValidForConstructorNot valid for a constructor. 
NotValidVersionStringNot a valid version string. 
NotYetImplementedNot yet implemented. 
NoVarInEnumenum member declarations should not use the var keyword. 
NoWhileExpected while
NumberExpectedExpected a number. 
ObjectExpectedExpected an object. 
OctalLiteralsAreDeprecatedOctal literals are deprecated. 
OLENoPropOrMethodObject does not support this property or method. 
OnlyClassesAllowedOnly classes are allowed inside a package
OnlyClassesAndPackagesAllowedOnly classes and packages are allowed inside a library. 
OutOfMemoryOut of memory. 
OutOfStackOut of stack space. 
OverrideAndHideUsedTogetherCannot use override and hide together in a member declaration. 
PackageExpectedPackage name expected. 
PackageInWrongContextPackage definition is not allowed in this context. 
ParamListNotLastA variable argument list must be the last argument. 
PossibleBadConversionThis conversion may fail at runtime. 
PossibleBadConversionFromStringConverting a string to a number or Boolean is slow and may fail at run time. 
PrecisionOutOfRangeThe precision is out of range. 
PropertyLevelAttributesMustBeOnGetterAn attribute that targets the property must be specified on the property getter, if present. 
RefParamsNonSupportedInDebuggerMethods with ref parameters cannot be called in the debugger. 
RegExpExpectedRegular Expression object expected. 
RegExpSyntaxSyntax error in regular expression. 
ShouldBeAbstractA function without a body should be abstract
StaticIsAlreadyFinalStatic methods cannot be final
StaticMethodsCannotHideStatic methods cannot hide base class methods. 
StaticMethodsCannotOverrideStatic methods cannot override base class methods. 
StaticMissingInStaticInitStatic initializer must specify the static keyword. 
StaticRequiresTypeNameA static member must be accessed with the class name. 
StaticVarNotAvailableA static variable is not available. 
StringConcatIsSlowThe plus operator is a slow way to concatenate strings. Consider using System.Text.StringBuilder instead. 
StringExpectedString expected. 
SuperClassConstructorNotAccessibleSuperclass constructor is not accessible from this scope. 
SuspectAssignmentDid you intend to write an assignment here? 
SuspectLoopConditionDid you intend to write an assignment here? 
SuspectSemicolonDid you intend to have an empty statement for this branch of the if statement? 
SyntaxErrorDiscovered syntax error. 
TooFewParametersNot all required parameters have been supplied. 
TooManyParametersThere are too many actual parameters. The excess parameters will be ignored. 
TooManyTokensSkippedToo many tokens have been skipped in the process of recovering from errors. The file may not be a JScript .NET file. 
TypeAssemblyCLSCompliantMismatchType cannot be marked CLS compliant because the assembly is not marked as CLS compliant. 
TypeCannotBeExtendedType cannot be extended. 
TypeMismatchType mismatch. 
TypeObjectNotAvailableThe type object for this type is not available. 
UncaughtExceptionException thrown and not caught. 
UndeclaredVariableVariable has not been declared. 
UndefinedIdentifierUndefined identifier. 
UnexpectedSemicolonUnexpected ";". 
UnreachableCatchCatch clause will never be reached. 
UnterminatedStringString constant not terminated. 
URIDecodeErrorThe URI to be decoded is not a valid encoding. 
URIEncodeErrorThe URI to be encoded contains an invalid character. 
UselessAssignmentAssignment creates an Expando property that is immediately thrown away. 
UselessExpressionExpression has no effect. 
VariableLeftUninitializedUninitialized variables are dangerous and slow to use. Did you intend to leave it uninitialized? 
VariableMightBeUnitializedVariable might not be initialized. 
VarIllegalInInterfaceVariables cannot be declared in an interface. 
VBArrayExpectedA VBArray was expected. 
WriteOnlyPropertyA property to which you can only assign values. 
WrongDirectiveWrong debugger directive or wrong position for the directive. 
WrongUseOfAddressOfThe address of operator can only be used in a list of arguments. 

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