IEngine2 Members

Implemented by the engine. It provides an interface to use the extra functionality provided by the JScript engine.

The following tables list the members exposed by the IEngine2 type.

  Name Description
Public method Clone Supposed to create a new identical engine running in a new appdomain, with the same compiled state and named items; however, it was never implemented in JScript. The JScript implementation simply throws NotImplementedException.
Public method CompileEmpty Triggers compilation of all the state presently in the engine. All references, code items, host items, and resources are run through the compiler.
Public method ConnectEvents Supposed to tell the engine that it can hook up any registered event sources that have events to any global event handlers. It was never implemented in JScript .NET. It does not, however, throw NotImplementedException.
Public method DisconnectEvents Similar to ConnectEvents, it is supposed to tell the engine to unhook event sources from event handlers; however, it was not implemented.
Public method GetAssembly Returns the compiled assembly produced by the compilation step.
Public method GetGlobalScope Returns the global scope object.
Public method GetModule Returns the code module from the compiled assembly.
Public method InitVsaEngine Initializes the VSA engine. Normally, you must set the root moniker and site manually, but this function conveniently does it for you.
Public method Interrupt Calls Thread.Abort on the thread that is running the script code. It should be called on a thread other than the one used to run code; otherwise you abort your own thread.
Public method RegisterEventSource Supposed to give the name of a named item that is then marked as an event source, so that the ConnectEvents method knows which events to hook up; however, it has not been implemented.
Public method Restart Called by the debugger when it needs to reset the engine to a clean state before a new expression evaluation. It resets the added items and the global scope back to their original state.
Public method Run Supposed to allow you to run the compiled code in an appdomain that you choose. It has not been implemented, and instead it throws NotImplementedException.
Public method RunEmpty Runs the compiled code in the current appdomain.

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