Microsoft.JScript Namespace

The Microsoft.JScript namespace contains classes that support compilation and code generation using the JScript language.

Public classActivationObject 
Public classActiveXObjectConstructor 
Public classArgumentsObject 
Public classArrayConstructor 
Public classArrayLiteral 
Public classArrayObject 
Public classArrayPrototype 
Public classArrayWrapper 
Public classAssemblyCustomAttributeList 
Public classAST 
Public classASTList 
Public classBinaryOp 
Public classBinding 
Public classBitwiseBinary 
Public classBlock 
Public classBlockScope 
Public classBooleanConstructor 
Public classBooleanObject 
Public classBooleanPrototype 
Public classBreakOutOfFinally 
Public classClosure 
Public classCmdLineException 
Public classCmdLineOptionParser 
Public classCOMCharStream 
Public classCOMFieldInfo 
Public classCOMMethodInfo 
Public classCOMPropertyInfo 
Public classContext 
Public classContinueOutOfFinally 
Public classConvert 
Public classDateConstructor 
Public classDateObject 
Public classDatePrototype 
Public classDebugBreak 
Public classDebugConvert 
Public classDocumentContext 
Public classDynamicFieldInfo 
Public classEmpty 
Public classEndOfFile 
Public classEnumeratorConstructor 
Public classEnumeratorObject 
Public classEnumeratorPrototype 
Public classEquality 
Public classErrorConstructor 
Public classErrorObject 
Public classErrorPrototype 
Public classEval 
Public classEvalErrorObject 
Public classExpando 
Public classFieldAccessor 
Public classForIn 
Public classFunctionConstructor 
Public classFunctionDeclaration 
Public classFunctionExpression 
Public classFunctionObject 
Public classFunctionPrototype 
Public classFunctionWrapper 
Public classGlobalObject 
Public classGlobals 
Public classGlobalScope 
Public classHide 
Public classImport 
Public classIn 
Public classInstanceof 
Public classJSAuthor 
Public classJSConstructor 
Public classJScriptCodeProviderProvides access to instances of the JScript code generator and code compiler.
Public classJScriptException 
Public classJSField 
Public classJSFieldInfo 
Public classJSFunctionAttribute 
Public classJSLocalField 
Public classJSMethod 
Public classJSMethodInfo 
Public classJSObject 
Public classJSParser 
Public classJSPrototypeObject 
Public classJSScanner 
Public classJSVariableField 
Public classLateBinding 
Public classLenientArrayPrototype 
Public classLenientBooleanPrototype 
Public classLenientDateConstructor 
Public classLenientDatePrototype 
Public classLenientEnumeratorPrototype 
Public classLenientErrorPrototype 
Public classLenientFunctionPrototype 
Public classLenientGlobalObject 
Public classLenientMathObject 
Public classLenientNumberPrototype 
Public classLenientObjectPrototype 
Public classLenientRegExpPrototype 
Public classLenientStringConstructor 
Public classLenientStringPrototype 
Public classLenientVBArrayPrototype 
Public classMathObject 
Public classMemberInfoList 
Public classMethodInvoker 
Public classMissing 
Public classNamespace 
Public classNoContextException 
Public classNotRecommended 
Public classNumberConstructor 
Public classNumberObject 
Public classNumberPrototype 
Public classNumericBinary 
Public classNumericUnary 
Public classObjectConstructor 
Public classObjectPrototype 
Public classOverride 
Public classPackage 
Public classParserException 
Public classPlus 
Public classPostOrPrefixOperator 
Public classRangeErrorObject 
Public classReferenceAttribute 
Public classReferenceErrorObject 
Public classRegExpConstructor 
Public classRegExpMatch 
Public classRegExpObject 
Public classRegExpPrototype 
Public classRelational 
Public classReturnOutOfFinally 
Public classRuntime 
Public classScriptBlock 
Public classScriptFunction 
Public classScriptObject 
Public classScriptStream 
Public classSimpleHashtable 
Public classStackFrame 
Public classStrictEquality 
Public classStringConstructor 
Public classStringObject 
Public classStringPrototype 
Public classSuperTypeMembersSorter 
Public classSyntaxErrorObject 
Public classThrow 
Public classTry 
Public classTypedArray 
Public classTypeErrorObject 
Public classTypeof 
Public classTypeReflector 
Public classUnaryOp 
Public classURIErrorObject 
Public classVBArrayConstructor 
Public classVBArrayObject 
Public classVBArrayPrototype 
Public classVsaItem 
Public classVsaItems 
Public classWith 

Public interfaceCOMMemberInfoImplemented by objects that represent the value of a member. It allows the caller to perform actions on the value. The value can be invoked as a function with the Call method, retrieved with the GetValue method, and set using the SetValue method.
Public interfaceIActivationObject 
Public interfaceIAuthorServices 
Public interfaceIColorizeText 
Public interfaceIDebugConvertDefines a set of utility methods to convert objects to primitive values, convert primitive values to strings, and get error messages associated with JScript error codes.
Public interfaceIDebugConvert2Allows clients to convert decimal values to strings using JScript conversion semantics.
Public interfaceIDebuggerObjectAllows the JScript runtime to detect and process COM objects that either directly implement JScript objects or act as proxies to managed JScript objects.
Public interfaceIDebugScriptScopeImplemented by the VSA engine. Its single method allows the caller to set the "this" value associated with the global scope.
Public interfaceIDebugTypeAllows the JScript runtime to detect and process COM objects that either directly implement a type or JScript constructor or act as a proxy to a managed type or managed JScript constructor.
Public interfaceIDebugVsaScriptCodeItemTypically implemented by an object representing a code block. (A code block can be created by obtaining a scope object from the VSA engine, and then adding a script block, expression, or statement to the scope by calling AddItem.) It is typically called by a debugger that needs to either evaluate an expression (in a watch window, for example) or parse information about a breakpoint represented as a string.
Public interfaceIDefineEvent 
Public interfaceIEngine2Implemented by the engine. It provides an interface to use the extra functionality provided by the JScript engine.
Public interfaceIErrorHandler 
Public interfaceIMessageReceiverDefines an interface used by the JScript runtime to output any strings that are passed to the built-in print function.
Public interfaceIMethodsCompletionInfo 
Public interfaceINeedEngine 
Public interfaceIObjectCompletionInfo 
Public interfaceIParseText 
Public interfaceIRedirectOutputAllows the caller to set the IMessageReceiver used to display strings that are passed to the JScript built-in print function.
Public interfaceISite2 
Public interfaceITokenColorInfo 
Public interfaceITokenEnumerator 
Public interfaceIVsaFullErrorInfo 
Public interfaceIVsaScriptCodeItem 
Public interfaceIVsaScriptScopeRepresents a scope object. The VSA engine's global scope object implements this interface, which can be obtained by calling GetGlobalScope on the VSA engine. You can also create new sub-scopes by calling GetItem on an existing scope object.
Public interfaceIWrappedMember 
Public interfaceMemberInfoInitializerInitializes instances of COMFieldInfo, COMMethodInfo, and COMPropertyInfo with the name of the member and an object representing the value stored in the member. The object can be retrieved using GetCOMMemberInfo.

Public enumerationCmdLineError 
Public enumerationErrorType 
Public enumerationJSBuiltin 
Public enumerationJSErrorContains the error codes associated with the JScript error messages.
Public enumerationJSFunctionAttributeEnumUsed with the JSFunctionAttribute custom attribute to annotate the calling conventions of functions generated by the JScript compiler. The parameters associated with HasArguments, HasEngine, and HasThisObject are implicit and are automatically provided by the JScript runtime when the function is called from JScript code.
Public enumerationJSToken 
Public enumerationSourceState 
Public enumerationTokenColor 
Public enumerationVSAITEMTYPE2The JScript implementation accepts VSAITEMTYPE2 enumeration values and rejects VsaItemType items. For more information, see AddItem.