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TextInsertionEventArgs Class

Provides data for the TextInserted and TextInserting events.

Namespace: Microsoft.Ink.TextInput
Assembly: Microsoft.Ink (in

public class TextInsertionEventArgs : EventArgs
public class TextInsertionEventArgs extends EventArgs
public class TextInsertionEventArgs extends EventArgs
Not applicable.

This example defines an event handler for the TextInserting event. The top RecognitionResult objects for the Strokes collections are contained in an array of Ink that represents the Input Panel text insertion. The string values that represent the RecognitionResult objects are used to set the TextBox.TextTextBox.Text property of a TextBoxTextBox, outputTextBox.

void tip_TextInserting(object sender, TextInsertionEventArgs e)
    outputTextBox.Text += "Inserting Text: " + Environment.NewLine;
    Microsoft.Ink.Ink[] inkArray = e.GetInk();
    foreach (Microsoft.Ink.Ink ink in inkArray)
        outputTextBox.Text += ink.Strokes.ToString();
    outputTextBox.Text += Environment.NewLine;


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