HandwrittenTextInsertion Class

Used by the application's custom text entry code to insert the text into both the text field and the backing store of the Text Services Framework (TSF).

Namespace: Microsoft.Ink.TextInput
Assembly: Microsoft.Ink (in microsoft.ink.dll)

public class HandwrittenTextInsertion
public class HandwrittenTextInsertion
public class HandwrittenTextInsertion
Not applicable.

With HandwrittenTextInsertion an application developer can easily add powerful text correction support to applications. The Input Panel component hadles inserting the text along with the recongnition results into the text control using Text Services Framework (TSF).

Text services supply text to applications in a way that does not require any detailed knowledge of the applications that produce or receive the text. TSF exposes its framework to applications and text services through a set of COM interfaces. For more information on Text Services Framework, see Text Services Framework.

At the point at which text is entered using a custom inking surface or speech recognition and is to be displayed in a text services enabled text field, the application uses HandwrittenTextInsertion instead of sending it directly to the text field.


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