Microsoft.Ink.TextInput Namespace

This namespace contains the APIs implemented by the Tablet PC Input Panel.

Public classCorrectionModeChangeEventArgsProvides data for the CorrectionModeChanging and CorrectionModeChanged events.
Public classHandwrittenTextInsertionUsed by the application's custom text entry code to insert the text into both the text field and the backing store of the Text Services Framework (TSF).
Public classInPlaceSizeChangeEventArgsProvides data for the InPlaceSizeChanged and InPlaceSizeChanging events.
Public classInPlaceStateChangeEventArgsProvides data for the InPlaceStateChanged and InPlaceStateChanging events.
Public classInPlaceVisibilityChangeEventArgsProvides data for the InPlaceVisibilityChanged and InPlaceVisibilityChanging events.
Public classInputAreaChangeEventArgsProvides data for the InputAreaChanged and InputAreaChanging events.
Public classTextInputPanelProvides methods to attach and control the Tablet PC Input Panel.
Public classTextInsertionEventArgsProvides data for the TextInserted and TextInserting events.

Public enumerationCorrectionModeSpecifies the correction modes of the Tablet PC Input Panel.
Public enumerationCorrectionPositionSpecifies the direction in which the post insertion correction comb should appear.
Public enumerationInPlaceDirectionSpecifies the preferred direction of the in-place Input Panel relative to the text entry field.
Public enumerationInPlaceStateSpecifies the in-place state values of the Tablet PC Input Panel.
Public enumerationInteractionModeSpecifies the interaction modes that can be chosen by the user for the Tablet PC Input Panel.
Public enumerationPanelInputAreaSpecifies the values that represent the default input areas of the Tablet PC Input Panel.