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StrokeType Enumeration

Defines values that indicate whether or not a Stroke should be analyzed as part of a drawing or as part of writing.

Namespace: Microsoft.Ink
Assembly: Microsoft.Ink.Analysis (in

public enum StrokeType
public enum StrokeType
public enum StrokeType

 Member nameDescription
DrawingIndicates that the stroke is part of a drawing. 
UnspecifiedIndicates that the stroke might be part of a drawing or might be part of writing. 
WritingIndicates that the stroke is part of writing. 

To indicate the StrokeType, use InkAnalyzer.SetStrokeType and InkAnalyzer.SetStrokesType.

The following example shows part of a Stroke event handler, in which e is the InkCollectorStrokeEventArgs object. The Stroke is checked to see if it has been drawn below a margin, drawingMargin. If the top of the stroke is below drawingMargin, then the InkAnalyzer, theInkAnalyzer, is set to analyze the stroke as a drawing stroke, rather than as a handwriting stroke.

if (e.Stroke.GetBoundingBox().Top > drawingMargin)
    theInkAnalyzer.SetStrokeType(e.Stroke, Microsoft.Ink.StrokeType.Drawing);

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