Recognizer.Capabilities Property

Gets the capabilities of the Recognizer object.

Namespace: Microsoft.Ink
Assembly: Microsoft.Ink (in

public RecognizerCapabilities Capabilities { get; }
/** @property */
public RecognizerCapabilities get_Capabilities ()

public function get Capabilities () : RecognizerCapabilities

Not applicable.

Property Value

Values that define the capabilities of the recognizer.

A recognizer's capabilities are defined in the RecognizerCapabilities enumeration, and they include whether the recognizer supports character Autocomplete; whether it supports free, lined, or boxed input; and so on. For a complete list of recognizer capabilities, see the RecognizerCapabilities enumeration.

To determine if a recognizer has a particular capability, use a bitwise comparison operator to check for that capability. For more information about how a bitwise comparison works, see the And Operator.

This C# example determines if the Recognizer object, theRecognizer, supports the RecognizerCapabilities capability.


using Microsoft.Ink;
// . . .
bool isArbitraryAngleSupported = false;
RecognizerCapabilities theCapabilities = theRecognizer.Capabilities;
if ((RecognizerCapabilities.ArbitraryAngle & theCapabilities) != 0)
    isArbitraryAngleSupported = true;

This Microsoft® Visual Basic® .NET example determines if the Recognizer, theRecognizer, supports the RecognizerCapabilities capability.

[Visual Basic]

Imports Microsoft.Ink
' . . .
Dim isArbitraryAngleSupported As Boolean = False
Dim theCapabilities As RecognizerCapabilities
theCapabilities = theRecognizer.Capabilities
If (RecognizerCapabilities.ArbitraryAngle And theCapabilities) <> 0 Then
    isArbitraryAngleSupported = True
End If

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