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ObjectNode Class

Represents a ContextNode for a node that is returned from an object custom recognizer.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Ink
Assembly:  Microsoft.Ink.Analysis (in Microsoft.Ink.Analysis.dll)

Public NotInheritable Class ObjectNode _
	Inherits ContextNode
Dim instance As ObjectNode

For more information about how object recognizers work, see Object Recognizers.

An ObjectNode cannot contain any child elements.

ObjectNode objects are only contained by a CustomRecognizerNode object.

The following example loops through the child nodes of a CustomRecognizerNode object, musicRecognizer. It then finds each ObjectNode and retrieves the relevant properties. The application treats each ObjectNode as a note. The custom recognizer has added five properties (letter, octave, measure, withinMeasure, and duration) to describe the note. The ContextNode.GetPropertyData method retrieves the data with the following Guid members: noteLetterId, noteOctaveId, noteMeasureId, noteWithinMeasureId, and noteDurationId. After all the data is collected, the DrawNote method draws the note.

Dim subNode As ContextNode
For Each subNode In musicRecognizer.SubNodes
    If TypeOf subNode Is ObjectNode Then 
        ' Assume all object nodes represent notes 
        Dim noteObject As ObjectNode = CType(subNode, ObjectNode)
        Dim letter As String 
        If noteObject.ContainsPropertyData(Me.noteLetterId) Then
            letter = CType(noteObject.GetPropertyData(Me.noteLetterId), String)
            letter = "" 
        End If 
        Dim octave As Integer 
        If noteObject.ContainsPropertyData(Me.noteOctaveId) Then
            octave = CType(noteObject.GetPropertyData(Me.noteOctaveId), Integer)
            octave = -1
        End If 
        Dim measure As Integer 
        If noteObject.ContainsPropertyData(Me.noteMeasureId) Then
            measure = CType(noteObject.GetPropertyData(Me.noteMeasureId), Integer)
            measure = -1
        End If 
        Dim withinMeasure As Integer 
        If noteObject.ContainsPropertyData(Me.noteWithinMeasureId) Then
            withinMeasure = CType(noteObject.GetPropertyData(Me.noteWithinMeasureId), Integer)
            withinMeasure = -1
        End If 
        Dim duration As Integer 
        If noteObject.ContainsPropertyData(Me.noteDurationId) Then
            duration = CType(noteObject.GetPropertyData(Me.noteDurationId), Integer)
            duration = -1
        End If 

        ' Draw note if all data is valid 
        If (letter.Length > 0 And octave >= 0 And measure >= 0 And _
            withinMeasure >= 0 And duration >= 0) Then
            DrawNote(letter, octave, measure, withinMeasure, duration)
        End If 
    End If 
Next subNode

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