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InkAnalyzer.AddStrokesToCustomRecognizer Method

Adds stroke data for multiple strokes to a custom recognizer node.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Ink
Assembly:  Microsoft.Ink.Analysis (in Microsoft.Ink.Analysis.dll)

public ContextNode AddStrokesToCustomRecognizer(
	Strokes strokes,
	CustomRecognizerNode customRecognizer


Type: Microsoft.Ink.Strokes

The Strokes to be added.

Type: Microsoft.Ink.CustomRecognizerNode

The custom recognizer node to which the strokes are added.

Return Value

Type: Microsoft.Ink.ContextNode
The context node to which the ink analyzer added the strokes.

The InkAnalyzer adds the strokes to a ContextNode that has a Type property value of UnclassifiedInk.

During analysis the ink analyzer assigns the culture identifier of the active input thread to the stroke and adds the stroke to the first unclassified ink node under the ink recognizer. If no unclassified node exists, it is created. If the custom recognizer does not support the culture identifier, the ink analyzer continues analyzing and generates an AnalysisWarning warning. This warning has its WarningCode property set to the AnalysisWarningCode value of LanguageIdNotRespected.

Only strokes with the same packet descriptions can be added in a single call to AddStrokes.

This method expands the DirtyRegion to the union of the region's current value and the bounding box of the added strokes.

The InkAnalyzer throws an exception under the following circumstances.

  • The InkAnalyzer already contains a stroke with the same identifier as one of the strokes to be added.

  • The customRecognizer parameter contains a ContextNode that is associated with a different InkAnalyzer object.

  • The customRecognizer parameter contains a ContextNode that does not have a Type property value of CustomRecognizer.

This example shows an excerpt from an event handler for the InkAdded event of an Ink object. The strokes are added to the CustomRecognizerNode, theCustomRecognizerNode.

// Add the strokes to the specified CustomRecognizerNode. 

Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2008

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.NET Framework

Supported in: 3.0