ContextNode.RemovePropertyData Method

Removes a piece of application-specific data.

Namespace: Microsoft.Ink
Assembly: Microsoft.Ink.Analysis (in

public void RemovePropertyData (
	Guid propertyDataId
public void RemovePropertyData (
	Guid propertyDataId
public function RemovePropertyData (
	propertyDataId : Guid
Not applicable.



A GuidGuid used to identify the type of data to remove.

An ArgumentExceptionArgumentException may be thrown if you try to remove data with identifiers from the PropertyGuidsForAnalysisHints or PropertyGuidsForContextNodes classes.

This example removes a property with the identifier timeStampGuid on each InkWordNode in an InkAnalyzer, theInkAnalyzer.

ContextNodeCollection inkWords =
foreach (ContextNode inkWord in inkWords)

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