Microsoft.Ink Namespace

Public classAnalysisAlternate 
Public classAnalysisAlternateCollection 
Public classAnalysisAlternateCollection.AnalysisAlternateCollectionEnumerator 
Public classAnalysisHintNodeProvides an InkAnalyzer with an analysis hint for a region.
Public classAnalysisRegionRepresents an area of a document.
Public classAnalysisStatus 
Public classAnalysisWarning 
Public classAnalysisWarningCollection 
Public classAnalysisWarningCollection.AnalysisWarningCollectionEnumerator 
Public classCancelMouseEventArgsProvides data for cancelable mouse events.
Public classContextLinkRepresents a relationship between two ContextNode objects that is not a parent-child relationship.
Public classContextLinkCollectionContains a collection of ContextLink objects.
Public classContextLinkCollection.ContextLinkCollectionEnumerator 
Public classContextNodeRepresents a node in a tree of objects that are created as part of ink analysis.
Public classContextNodeCollectionContains a collection of ContextNode objects that are the result of an ink analysis.
Public classContextNodeCollection.ContextNodeCollectionEnumerator 
Public classContextNodeCreatedEventArgsProvides data for the ContextNodeCreated event.
Public classContextNodeDeletingEventArgsProvides data for the ContextNodeDeleting event.
Public classContextNodeLinkAddingEventArgs 
Public classContextNodeLinkDeletingEventArgs 
Public classContextNodeMovingToPositionEventArgs 
Public classContextNodePropertiesUpdatedEventArgsProvides data for the ContextNodePropertiesUpdated event.
Public classContextNodeReparentingEventArgsProvides data for the ContextNodeReparenting event.
Public classContextNodeTypeDefines values that specify the type of ContextNode object.
Public classCursor 
Public classCursorButtonRepresents general information about a button on a tablet pointing and selecting device.
Public classCursorButtons 
Public classCursorButtons.CursorButtonsEnumerator 
Public classCursorsRepresents a collection of Cursor objects.
Public classCursors.CursorsEnumeratorAn implementation of the System.Collections.IEnumerator interface that supports iterating over a Cursors collection.
Public classCustomRecognizerNode 
Public classCustomStrokesContains a collection of user-defined Strokes collections.
Public classCustomStrokes.CustomStrokesEnumerator 
Public classDividerRepresents the ability to analyze the layout of a collection of strokes, dividing them into text and graphics.
Public classDivisionResult 
Public classDivisionUnitRepresents a single structural element within a DivisionResult object.
Public classDivisionUnitsContains a collection of DivisionUnit objects that are contained in a DivisionResult object.
Public classDivisionUnits.InkDivisionUnitsEnumerator 
Public classDrawingAttributes 
Public classDrawingAttributesProperty 
Public classExtendedProperties 
Public classExtendedProperties.ExtendedPropertiesEnumeratorAn implementation of the System.Collections.IEnumerator interface that supports iterating over an ExtendedProperties collection.
Public classExtendedPropertyRepresents the ability to add your own data to a variety of objects within the Tablet PC object model.
Public classFactoidThis class contains the pre-defined factoid identifiers. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classGestureRepresents the ability to query particular properties of a gesture returned from a gesture recognition.
Public classImageNode 
Public classInk 
Public classInkAnalyzerProvides access to layout analysis, writing and drawing classification, and handwriting recognition.
Public classInkBulletNodeInkBulletNode class corresponds to any ContextNode with the Type property value of InkBullet.
Public classInkCollectorRepresents an object that is used to capture ink from available tablet devices.
Public classInkCollectorCursorButtonDownEventArgs 
Public classInkCollectorCursorButtonUpEventArgs 
Public classInkCollectorCursorDownEventArgsProvides data for the InkCollector.CursorDown, InkOverlay.CursorDown, and InkPicture.CursorDown events.
Public classInkCollectorCursorInRangeEventArgsProvides data for the InkCollector.CursorInRange, InkOverlay.CursorInRange, and InkPicture.CursorInRange events.
Public classInkCollectorCursorOutOfRangeEventArgsProvides data for the InkCollector.CursorOutOfRange, InkOverlay.CursorOutOfRange, and InkPicture.CursorOutOfRange events.
Public classInkCollectorGestureEventArgs 
Public classInkCollectorNewInAirPacketsEventArgsProvides data for the NewInAirPackets events of ink collector (InkCollector.NewInAirPackets, InkOverlay.NewInAirPackets, and InkPicture.NewInAirPackets), which occur when an in-air packet is detected.
Public classInkCollectorNewPacketsEventArgsProvides data for the NewPackets events of ink collector (InkCollector.NewPackets, InkOverlay.NewPackets, and InkPicture.NewPackets), which occur when ink collector receives packet.
Public classInkCollectorStrokeEventArgsProvides data for the Stroke events of ink collector (InkCollector.Stroke, InkOverlay.Stroke, and InkPicture.Stroke), which occur when the user draws a new stroke on any tablet.
Public classInkCollectorSystemGestureEventArgs 
Public classInkCollectorTabletAddedEventArgs 
Public classInkCollectorTabletRemovedEventArgsProvides data for the TabletRemoved events of ink collectors (InkCollector.TabletRemoved, InkOverlay.TabletRemoved, and InkPicture.TabletRemoved), which occur when a tablet is removed from the system.
Public classInkDrawingNodeRepresents a ContextNode for a collection of strokes that make up a drawing. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classInkEditThe InkEdit control enables you to collect ink, recognize it, and display it as text. This control allows you to enable smart forms, which improves the accuracy of text input.
Public classInkEditGestureEventArgs 
Public classInkEditRecognitionEventArgs 
Public classInkEditStrokeEventArgs 
Public classInkOverlayRepresents an object that is useful for annotation scenarios where users are not concerned with performing recognition on ink but instead are interested in the size, shape, color, and position of the ink.
Public classInkOverlayPaintingEventArgsProvides data for the painting events of Painting objects and Painting controls, which occur when ink is about to be painted.
Public classInkOverlaySelectionChangingEventArgs 
Public classInkOverlaySelectionMovedEventArgs 
Public classInkOverlaySelectionMovingEventArgsProvides data for the SelectionMoving events of SelectionMoving objects and SelectionMoving controls, which occur when selected strokes are about to be moved.
Public classInkOverlaySelectionResizedEventArgsProvides data for the SelectionResizing events of SelectionResized objects and SelectionResized controls, which occur when selected strokes have been resized.
Public classInkOverlaySelectionResizingEventArgs 
Public classInkOverlayStrokesDeletingEventArgs 
Public classInkPictureThe InkPicture control provides the ability to place an image in an application and enable users to add ink on top of it. It is intended for scenarios in which ink is not recognized as text but is instead stored as ink.
Public classInkRecognizerProvides access to handwriting recognizers for use with ink analysis.
Public classInkRecognizerCollectionContains InkRecognizer objects that represent the ability to recognize handwriting from various locales.
Public classInkRecognizerCollection.InkRecognizerCollectionEnumeratorAn implementation of the IEnumerator interface that supports iterating over an InkRecognizerCollection collection.
Public classInkWordNode 
Public classJournalReaderProvides read access to a Windows Journal file, returning a stream containing an XML version of the file’s contents.
Public classLineNode 
Public classNewStrokesLoadedEventArgs 
Public classObjectNode 
Public classPacketPropertyDefines values that specify the packet properties.
Public classParagraphNodeRepresents a ContextNode for a collection of ContextNode objects that make up a logical grouping of lines.
Public classPenInputPanelDeprecated. The PenInputPanel object enables you to easily add in-place pen input to your applications. PenInputPanel has been replaced by Microsoft.Ink.TextInput.
Public classPenInputPanelChangedEventArgs 
Public classPenInputPanelInputFailedEventArgs 
Public classPenInputPanelMovingEventArgs 
Public classPenInputPanelVisibleChangedEventArgs 
Public classPopulateContextNodeEventArgsProvides data for the PopulateContextNode event.
Public classPropertyGuidsForAnalysisHints 
Public classPropertyGuidsForContextNodes 
Public classRecognitionAlternate 
Public classRecognitionAlternates 
Public classRecognitionAlternates.RecognitionAlternatesEnumerator 
Public classRecognitionPropertyDefines values that specify the properties of the recognition alternate.
Public classRecognitionResult 
Public classRecognizerRepresents the ability to process ink, or handwriting, and translate the stroke into text or gesture. The recognizer creates a RecognizerContext object, which is used to perform the actual handwriting recognition.
Public classRecognizerContextEnables the ability to perform ink recognition, retrieve the recognition result, and retrieve alternates. The RecognizerContext enables the various recognizer that are installed on a system to use ink recognition to process input appropriately.
Public classRecognizerContextRecognitionEventArgsProvides data for Recognition events, which occur when strokes are recognized.
Public classRecognizerContextRecognitionWithAlternatesEventArgs 
Public classRecognizers 
Public classRecognizers.RecognizersEnumerator 
Public classRenderer 
Public classResultsUpdatedEventArgs 
Public classRootNode 
Public classStrokeRepresents a single ink stroke. A stroke is a set of properties and point data that the digitizer captures that represent the coordinates and properties of a known ink mark. It is the set of data that is captured in a single pen down, up, or move sequence.
Public classStrokeProperty 
Public classStrokes 
Public classStrokes.StrokesEnumeratorAn implementation of the IEnumerator interface that supports iterating over a Strokes collection.
Public classStrokesEventArgs 
Public classStrokesReparentedEventArgs 
Public classTablet 
Public classTabletPropertyDescriptionDescribes a PacketProperty that is reported by the digitizer.
Public classTabletPropertyDescriptionCollection 
Public classTablets 
Public classTablets.TabletsEnumeratorAn implementation of the IEnumerator interface that supports iterating over a Tablets collection.
Public classTextWordNode 
Public classUnclassifiedInkNode 
Public classUnicodeCharacterRange 
Public classUnicodeCharacterRangeCollection 
Public classUnicodeCharacterRangeCollection.UnicodeCharacterRangeCollectionEnumerator 
Public classWordList 
Public classWritingRegionNodeRepresents a group of paragraphs with similar orientation.

Public structureLineDefines the beginning and end points of a line segment.
Public structureRecognizerGuideRepresents the area that the Recognizer object uses and in which ink can be drawn. The area is known as the recognizer guide.
Public structureStrokeIntersectionRepresents the floating point index values where an intersection begins and ends on a stroke.
Public structureTabletPropertyMetrics 
Public structureUnicodeRangeRepresents a unicode range.

Public delegateActivityEventHandler 
Public delegateContextNodeCreatedEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the ContextNodeCreated event of an InkAnalyzer.
Public delegateContextNodeDeletingEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the ContextNodeDeleting event of an InkAnalyzer.
Public delegateContextNodeLinkAddingEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the ContextNodeLinkAdding event of an InkAnalyzer.
Public delegateContextNodeLinkDeletingEventHandler 
Public delegateContextNodeMovingToPositionEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the ContextNodeMovingToPosition event of an InkAnalyzer.
Public delegateContextNodePropertiesUpdatedEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the ContextNodePropertiesUpdated event of an InkAnalyzer.
Public delegateContextNodeReparentingEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the ContextNodeReparenting event of an InkAnalyzer.
Public delegateInkAnalyzerStateChangingEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the InkAnalyzerStateChanging event of an InkAnalyzer.
Public delegateInkCollectorCursorButtonDownEventHandler 
Public delegateInkCollectorCursorButtonUpEventHandler 
Public delegateInkCollectorCursorDownEventHandlerRepresents the method that handles the CursorDown event of an InkCollector object.
Public delegateInkCollectorCursorInRangeEventHandlerRepresents the method that handles the CursorInRange event of an InkCollector object.
Public delegateInkCollectorCursorOutOfRangeEventHandlerRepresents the method that handles the CursorOutOfRange event of an InkCollector object.
Public delegateInkCollectorDoubleClickEventHandler 
Public delegateInkCollectorGestureEventHandlerRepresents the method that handles the Gesture event of an InkCollector object.
Public delegateInkCollectorMouseDownEventHandler 
Public delegateInkCollectorMouseMoveEventHandler 
Public delegateInkCollectorMouseUpEventHandler 
Public delegateInkCollectorMouseWheelEventHandler 
Public delegateInkCollectorNewInAirPacketsEventHandler 
Public delegateInkCollectorNewPacketsEventHandlerRepresents the method that handles the NewPackets event of an InkCollector object.
Public delegateInkCollectorStrokeEventHandlerRepresents the method that handles the Stroke event of an InkCollector object.
Public delegateInkCollectorSystemGestureEventHandlerRepresents the method that handles the Gesture event of an InkCollector object.
Public delegateInkCollectorTabletAddedEventHandlerRepresents the method that handles the TabletAdded event of an InkCollector object.
Public delegateInkCollectorTabletRemovedEventHandlerRepresents the method that handles the TabletRemoved event of an InkCollector object.
Public delegateInkEditGestureEventHandlerRepresents the method that handles the Gesture event of an InkEdit control.
Public delegateInkEditRecognitionEventHandlerRepresents the method that handles the Recognition event of an InkEdit control.
Public delegateInkEditStrokeEventHandler 
Public delegateInkOverlayPaintedEventHandler 
Public delegateInkOverlayPaintingEventHandler 
Public delegateInkOverlaySelectionChangedEventHandlerRepresents the method that handles the SelectionChanged event of an InkOverlay object.
Public delegateInkOverlaySelectionChangingEventHandler 
Public delegateInkOverlaySelectionMovedEventHandler 
Public delegateInkOverlaySelectionMovingEventHandler 
Public delegateInkOverlaySelectionResizedEventHandlerRepresents the method that handles the SelectionResized event of an InkOverlay object.
Public delegateInkOverlaySelectionResizingEventHandlerRepresents the method that handles the SelectionResizing event of an InkOverlay object.
Public delegateInkOverlayStrokesDeletedEventHandlerRepresents the method that handles the StrokesDeleted event of an InkOverlay object.
Public delegateInkOverlayStrokesDeletingEventHandler 
Public delegateMatchesCriteriaCallback 
Public delegateNewStrokesLoadedEventHandler 
Public delegatePenInputPanelChangedEventHandler 
Public delegatePenInputPanelInputFailedEventHandlerRepresents the method that handles the InputFailed event of a PenInputPanel object.
Public delegatePenInputPanelMovingEventHandlerRepresents the method that handles the PanelMoving event of a PenInputPanel object.
Public delegatePenInputPanelVisibleChangedEventHandlerRepresents the method that handles the VisibleChanged event of a PenInputPanel object.
Public delegatePopulateContextNodeEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the PopulateContextNode event of an InkAnalyzer.
Public delegateReadyToReconcileEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the ReadyToReconcile event of a InkAnalyzer.
Public delegateRecognizerContextRecognitionEventHandler 
Public delegateRecognizerContextRecognitionWithAlternatesEventHandler 
Public delegateResultsUpdatedEventHandler 
Public delegateStrokesEventHandlerRepresents the method that handles events for adding and removing Strokes on the Ink object, InkOverlay object, InkPicture control, and Strokes collection.
Public delegateStrokesReparentedEventHandler 

Public enumerationAnalysisModesSpecifies how the InkAnalyzer functions.
Public enumerationAnalysisWarningCode 
Public enumerationApplicationGestureDefines values for the set of available application-specific gestures.
Public enumerationBoundingBoxMode 
Public enumerationCollectionModeDefines values that determine whether ink, gestures, or ink and gestures are recognized as the user writes.
Public enumerationCompressionModeDefines values for the compression modes that are used to save the Ink object to a serialized format.
Public enumerationConfirmationType 
Public enumerationContextLinkDirection 
Public enumerationCursorButtonState 
Public enumerationExtractFlags 
Public enumerationInkClipboardFormatsDefines values that specify the format of ink that is stored on the Clipboard. This enumeration has a FlagsAttribute attribute that allows a bitwise combination of its member values.
Public enumerationInkClipboardModes 
Public enumerationInkDisplayMode 
Public enumerationInkDivisionTypeDefines values for the structural types within the DivisionResult object.
Public enumerationInkEditStatus 
Public enumerationInkInsertMode 
Public enumerationInkMode 
Public enumerationInkOverlayAttachModeDefines values that specify where to attach the new InkOverlay object, behind or in front of the active layer.
Public enumerationInkOverlayEditingModeDefines values that specify the behavior mode of the InkOverlay object and the InkPicture control.
Public enumerationInkOverlayEraserMode 
Public enumerationInkRecognitionConfidenceDefines values indicating the level of confidence that the InkAnalyzer has in the accuracy of the recognition result.
Public enumerationInkRecognizerCapabilities 
Public enumerationPanelTypeDefines the type of input currently available in the PenInputPanel object.
Public enumerationPenTipDefines values that specify the shape of the pen tip.
Public enumerationPersistenceFormat 
Public enumerationRasterOperation 
Public enumerationRecognitionConfidence 
Public enumerationRecognitionModesDefines values that specify how the recognizer interprets the ink and determines the result string. This enumeration has a FlagsAttribute attribute that allows a bitwise combination of its member values.
Public enumerationRecognitionStatus 
Public enumerationRecognizerCapabilities 
Public enumerationRecognizerCharacterAutoCompletionMode 
Public enumerationSelectionHitResult 
Public enumerationSemanticTypeSpecifies the semantic types used in defining an annotation.
Public enumerationStrokeTypeDefines values that indicate whether or not a Stroke should be analyzed as part of a drawing or as part of writing.
Public enumerationSystemGesture 
Public enumerationTabletDeviceKindDefines values that specify types of the tablet device.
Public enumerationTabletHardwareCapabilities 
Public enumerationTabletPropertyMetricUnitDefines values that indicate the unit of measurement of a property.