PageBase Members

Active Directory Federation Services 2.0

This page contains logic common to all AD FS Web pages.

The following tables list the members exposed by the PageBase type.

  Name Description
  PageBase Initializes a new instance of the PageBase class.

(see also Protected Properties)
public propertyApplication  (Inherited from Page)
public propertyClientScript  (Inherited from Page)
public propertyClientTarget  (Inherited from Page)
public propertyClientQueryString  (Inherited from Page)
public propertyErrorPage  (Inherited from Page)
public propertyIsCallback  (Inherited from Page)
public propertyIsReusable  (Inherited from Page)
public propertyAutoPostBackControl  (Inherited from Page)
public propertyHeader  (Inherited from Page)
public propertyIdSeparator  (Inherited from Page)
public propertyMaintainScrollPositionOnPostBack  (Inherited from Page)
public propertyMaster  (Inherited from Page)
public propertyMasterPageFile  (Inherited from Page)
public propertyMaxPageStateFieldLength  (Inherited from Page)
public propertyTrace  (Inherited from Page)
public propertyRequest  (Inherited from Page)
public propertyResponse  (Inherited from Page)
public propertyServer  (Inherited from Page)
public propertyCache  (Inherited from Page)
public propertySession  (Inherited from Page)
public propertyTitle  (Inherited from Page)
public propertyTheme  (Inherited from Page)
public propertyStyleSheetTheme  (Inherited from Page)
public propertyUser  (Inherited from Page)
public propertyIsCrossPagePostBack  (Inherited from Page)
public propertyIsPostBack  (Inherited from Page)
public propertyEnableEventValidation  (Inherited from Page)
public propertyEnableViewState  (Inherited from Page)
public propertyViewStateEncryptionMode  (Inherited from Page)
public propertyViewStateUserKey  (Inherited from Page)
public propertyID  (Inherited from Page)
public propertyVisible  (Inherited from Page)
public propertyIsPostBackEventControlRegistered  (Inherited from Page)
public propertyIsValid  (Inherited from Page)
public propertyValidators  (Inherited from Page)
public propertyPreviousPage  (Inherited from Page)
public propertyBuffer  (Inherited from Page)
public propertyContentType  (Inherited from Page)
public propertyCodePage  (Inherited from Page)
public propertyResponseEncoding  (Inherited from Page)
public propertyCulture  (Inherited from Page)
public propertyLCID  (Inherited from Page)
public propertyUICulture  (Inherited from Page)
public propertyAsyncTimeout  (Inherited from Page)
public propertyTraceEnabled  (Inherited from Page)
public propertyTraceModeValue  (Inherited from Page)
public propertyEnableViewStateMac  (Inherited from Page)
public propertySmartNavigation  Obsolete.  (Inherited from Page)
public propertyIsAsync  (Inherited from Page)
public propertyForm  (Inherited from Page)
public propertyPageAdapter  (Inherited from Page)
public propertyItems  (Inherited from Page)
public propertyEnableTheming  (Inherited from TemplateControl)
public propertyAppRelativeVirtualPath  (Inherited from TemplateControl)
public propertyClientID  (Inherited from Control)
public propertySkinID  (Inherited from Control)
public propertyNamingContainer  (Inherited from Control)
public propertyBindingContainer  (Inherited from Control)
public propertyPage  (Inherited from Control)
public propertyTemplateControl  (Inherited from Control)
public propertyParent  (Inherited from Control)
public propertyTemplateSourceDirectory  (Inherited from Control)
public propertyAppRelativeTemplateSourceDirectory  (Inherited from Control)
public propertySite  (Inherited from Control)
public propertyUniqueID  (Inherited from Control)
public propertyControls  (Inherited from Control)

  Name Description
protected property PageStatePersister  (Inherited from Page)
protected property FileDependencies  Obsolete.  (Inherited from Page)
protected property TransactionMode  (Inherited from Page)
protected property AspCompatMode  (Inherited from Page)
protected property AsyncMode  (Inherited from Page)
protected property SupportAutoEvents  (Inherited from TemplateControl)
protected property AutoHandlers  Obsolete.  (Inherited from TemplateControl)
protected property ClientIDSeparator  (Inherited from Control)
protected property Adapter  (Inherited from Control)
protected property Events  (Inherited from Control)
protected property LoadViewStateByID  (Inherited from Control)
protected property HasChildViewState  (Inherited from Control)
protected property ViewState  (Inherited from Control)
protected property ViewStateIgnoresCase  (Inherited from Control)
protected property ChildControlsCreated  (Inherited from Control)
protected property IsTrackingViewState  (Inherited from Control)
protected property FriendlyName Gets the name of the STS service. This is intended to be used on the webpages to identify the STS.

(see also Protected Methods)
public methodFindControl  (Inherited from Page)
public methodGetTypeHashCode  (Inherited from Page)
public methodDesignerInitialize  (Inherited from Page)
public methodSetFocus  (Inherited from Page)
public methodSetFocus  (Inherited from Page)
public methodGetPostBackEventReference  Obsolete.  (Inherited from Page)
public methodGetPostBackEventReference  Obsolete.  (Inherited from Page)
public methodGetPostBackClientEvent  Obsolete.  (Inherited from Page)
public methodGetPostBackClientHyperlink  Obsolete.  (Inherited from Page)
public methodIsClientScriptBlockRegistered  Obsolete.  (Inherited from Page)
public methodIsStartupScriptRegistered  Obsolete.  (Inherited from Page)
public methodRegisterArrayDeclaration  Obsolete.  (Inherited from Page)
public methodRegisterHiddenField  Obsolete.  (Inherited from Page)
public methodRegisterClientScriptBlock  Obsolete.  (Inherited from Page)
public methodRegisterStartupScript  Obsolete.  (Inherited from Page)
public methodRegisterOnSubmitStatement  Obsolete.  (Inherited from Page)
public methodRegisterRequiresControlState  (Inherited from Page)
public methodRequiresControlState  (Inherited from Page)
public methodUnregisterRequiresControlState  (Inherited from Page)
public methodRegisterRequiresPostBack  (Inherited from Page)
public methodRegisterRequiresRaiseEvent  (Inherited from Page)
public methodMapPath  (Inherited from Page)
public methodRegisterRequiresViewStateEncryption  (Inherited from Page)
public methodProcessRequest  (Inherited from Page)
public methodRegisterViewStateHandler  (Inherited from Page)
public methodExecuteRegisteredAsyncTasks  (Inherited from Page)
public methodRegisterAsyncTask  (Inherited from Page)
public methodAddOnPreRenderCompleteAsync  (Inherited from Page)
public methodAddOnPreRenderCompleteAsync  (Inherited from Page)
public methodValidate  (Inherited from Page)
public methodValidate  (Inherited from Page)
public methodGetValidators  (Inherited from Page)
public methodVerifyRenderingInServerForm  (Inherited from Page)
public methodGetDataItem  (Inherited from Page)
public methodReadStringResource  (Inherited from TemplateControl)
public methodTestDeviceFilter  (Inherited from TemplateControl)
public methodLoadControl  (Inherited from TemplateControl)
public methodLoadControl  (Inherited from TemplateControl)
public methodLoadTemplate  (Inherited from TemplateControl)
public methodParseControl  (Inherited from TemplateControl)
public methodParseControl  (Inherited from TemplateControl)
public methodApplyStyleSheetSkin  (Inherited from Control)
public methodDataBind  (Inherited from Control)
public methodFocus  (Inherited from Control)
public methodRenderControl  (Inherited from Control)
public methodDispose  (Inherited from Control)
public methodResolveUrl  (Inherited from Control)
public methodResolveClientUrl  (Inherited from Control)
public methodHasControls  (Inherited from Control)
public methodSetRenderMethodDelegate  (Inherited from Control)
public methodToString  (Inherited from Object)
public methodEquals  (Inherited from Object)
public methodGetHashCode  (Inherited from Object)
public methodGetType  (Inherited from Object)

  Name Description
protected method FindControl  (Inherited from Control)
protected method RaisePostBackEvent  (Inherited from Page)
protected method InitOutputCache  (Inherited from Page)
protected method InitOutputCache  (Inherited from Page)
protected method GetWrappedFileDependencies  (Inherited from Page)
protected method OnLoadComplete  (Inherited from Page)
protected method OnPreRenderComplete  (Inherited from Page)
protected method FrameworkInitialize  (Inherited from Page)
protected method InitializeCulture  (Inherited from Page)
protected method OnPreInit  (Inherited from Page)
protected method OnInitComplete  (Inherited from Page)
protected method OnPreLoad  (Inherited from Page)
protected method OnSaveStateComplete  (Inherited from Page)
protected method AspCompatBeginProcessRequest  (Inherited from Page)
protected method AspCompatEndProcessRequest  (Inherited from Page)
protected method AsyncPageBeginProcessRequest  (Inherited from Page)
protected method AsyncPageEndProcessRequest  (Inherited from Page)
protected method Construct  (Inherited from TemplateControl)
protected method OnCommitTransaction  (Inherited from TemplateControl)
protected method OnAbortTransaction  (Inherited from TemplateControl)
protected method OnError  (Inherited from TemplateControl)
protected method CreateResourceBasedLiteralControl  (Inherited from TemplateControl)
protected method SetStringResourcePointer  (Inherited from TemplateControl)
protected method WriteUTF8ResourceString  (Inherited from TemplateControl)
protected method GetLocalResourceObject  (Inherited from TemplateControl)
protected method GetLocalResourceObject  (Inherited from TemplateControl)
protected method GetGlobalResourceObject  (Inherited from TemplateControl)
protected method GetGlobalResourceObject  (Inherited from TemplateControl)
protected method ResolveAdapter  (Inherited from Control)
protected method HasEvents  (Inherited from Control)
protected method OnDataBinding  (Inherited from Control)
protected method DataBind  (Inherited from Control)
protected method DataBindChildren  (Inherited from Control)
protected method AddParsedSubObject  (Inherited from Control)
protected method EnsureID  (Inherited from Control)
protected method ClearChildState  (Inherited from Control)
protected method ClearChildControlState  (Inherited from Control)
protected method ClearChildViewState  (Inherited from Control)
protected method LoadViewState  (Inherited from Control)
protected method BuildProfileTree  (Inherited from Control)
protected method SaveViewState  (Inherited from Control)
protected method RenderControl  (Inherited from Control)
protected method RaiseBubbleEvent  (Inherited from Control)
protected method OnBubbleEvent  (Inherited from Control)
protected method CreateControlCollection  (Inherited from Control)
protected method GetDesignModeState  (Inherited from Control)
protected method IsLiteralContent  (Inherited from Control)
protected method TrackViewState  (Inherited from Control)
protected method EnsureChildControls  (Inherited from Control)
protected method SetDesignModeState  (Inherited from Control)
protected method Finalize  (Inherited from Object)
protected method MemberwiseClone  (Inherited from Object)
protected method Render Overridden. Renders the page if required.

  Name Description
public event LoadComplete  (Inherited from Page)
public event PreInit  (Inherited from Page)
public event PreLoad  (Inherited from Page)
public event PreRenderComplete  (Inherited from Page)
public event InitComplete  (Inherited from Page)
public event SaveStateComplete  (Inherited from Page)
public event CommitTransaction  (Inherited from TemplateControl)
public event AbortTransaction  (Inherited from TemplateControl)
public event Error  (Inherited from TemplateControl)
public event Disposed  (Inherited from Control)
public event DataBinding  (Inherited from Control)
public event Init  (Inherited from Control)
public event Load  (Inherited from Control)
public event PreRender  (Inherited from Control)
public event Unload  (Inherited from Control)

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