Microsoft.IdentityServer.Web.UI Namespace

Active Directory Federation Services 2.0

Class Description
ErrorPage The code-behind class for the Error.aspx page, which displays authentication errors to the user, derives from this class.
FormsLoginPage The code-behind class for the FormsLogin.aspx page, which facilitates user name-password credential collection using forms, derives from this class.
HomeRealmDiscoveryPage The code-behind class for the HomeRealmDiscovery.aspx page, which lets the user select his or her home realm, derives from this class.
IdentityProviderInitiatedSignonPage The code-behind class for the IdpInitiatedSignOnPage.aspx page derives from this class. The IdpInitiatedSignOnPage.aspx page is used for SAML sign-on (and sign out) initiated by the Identity Provider (SAML-based IdP-initiated SSO).
InternalOnlyPage This page cannot be visited directly by typing the URL into the browser.
MasterPage This page exposes the STS friendly name for master pages.
PageBase This page contains logic common to all AD FS Web pages.
PassiveProtocolPage This page contains logic that is common to any page that is rendered as part of a sign in request.
SignOutPage This page shows UI for WS-Federation sign out.

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