FederatedPassiveSignIn Methods

Windows Identity Foundation
[Starting with the .NET Framework 4.5, Windows Identity Foundation (WIF) has been fully integrated into the .NET Framework. The version of WIF addressed by this topic, WIF 3.5, is deprecated and should only be used when developing against the .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 or the .NET Framework 4. For more information about WIF in the .NET Framework 4.5, also known as WIF 4.5, see the Windows Identity Foundation documentation in the .NET Framework 4.5 Development Guide.]

(see also Protected Methods)
public methodApplyStyle  (Inherited from WebControl)
public methodApplyStyleSheetSkin  (Inherited from Control)
public methodCopyBaseAttributes  (Inherited from WebControl)
public methodDataBind  Overridden. (Inherited from Control)
public methodDispose  (Inherited from Control)
public methodEquals  (Inherited from Object)
public methodFindControl  (Inherited from Control)
public methodFocus  (Inherited from Control)
public methodGetHashCode  (Inherited from Object)
public methodGetType  (Inherited from Object)
public methodHasControls  (Inherited from Control)
public methodMergeStyle  (Inherited from WebControl)
public methodRenderBeginTag  (Inherited from WebControl)
public methodRenderControl  (Inherited from Control)
public methodRenderEndTag  (Inherited from WebControl)
public methodResolveClientUrl  (Inherited from Control)
public methodResolveUrl  (Inherited from Control)
public methodSetRenderMethodDelegate  (Inherited from Control)
public methodToString  (Inherited from Object)

protected methodAddAttributesToRender  (Inherited from WebControl)
protected methodAddParsedSubObject  (Inherited from Control)
protected methodBuildProfileTree  (Inherited from Control)
protected methodClearChildControlState  (Inherited from Control)
protected methodClearChildState  (Inherited from Control)
protected methodClearChildViewState  (Inherited from Control)
protected methodCreateChildControls  Overridden. Creates all the child controls that may be rendered. (Inherited from Control)
protected methodCreateControlCollection  (Inherited from Control)
protected methodCreateControlStyle  (Inherited from WebControl)
protected methodDataBind  (Inherited from Control)
protected methodDataBindChildren  (Inherited from Control)
protected methodEnsureChildControls  (Inherited from Control)
protected methodEnsureID  (Inherited from Control)
protected methodFinalize  (Inherited from Object)
protected methodFindControl  (Inherited from Control)
protected methodGetAutoSignInScript  (Inherited from SignInControl)
protected methodGetClientScript  Return client script containing signin functionality. (Inherited from SignInControl)
protected methodGetDesignModeState  (Inherited from Control)
protected methodGetReturnUrl  Return url to redirect after the signin. (Inherited from SignInControl)
protected methodGetSessionTokenContext  Ticket context to be persisted with cookie. (Inherited from SignInControl)
protected methodHasEvents  (Inherited from Control)
protected methodIsLiteralContent  (Inherited from Control)
protected methodLoadViewState  Overridden. Load view states. (Inherited from WebControl)
protected methodMemberwiseClone  (Inherited from Object)
protected methodOnBubbleEvent  (Inherited from Control)
protected methodOnDataBinding  (Inherited from Control)
protected methodOnInit  Overridden. Init the control. (Inherited from Control)
protected methodOnPreRender  Overridden. Override OnPreRender process. (Inherited from Control)
protected methodOnRedirectingToIdentityProvider  Raises the redirecting to identity provider event. (Inherited from SignInControl)
protected methodOnSecurityTokenReceived  Raises the security token received event. (Inherited from SignInControl)
protected methodOnSecurityTokenValidated  Raises the security token validated event. (Inherited from SignInControl)
protected methodOnSessionSecurityTokenCreated  Raises the security token validated event. (Inherited from SignInControl)
protected methodOnSignedIn  Raises after the user is signed in. (Inherited from SignInControl)
protected methodOnSignInError  Raises when signin error occurred. (Inherited from SignInControl)
protected methodRaiseBubbleEvent  (Inherited from Control)
protected methodRecreateChildControls  (Inherited from CompositeControl)
protected methodRender  Overridden. Override Render process. (Inherited from CompositeControl)
protected methodRenderControl  (Inherited from Control)
protected methodResolveAdapter  (Inherited from Control)
protected methodSaveViewState  Overridden. Save view states. (Inherited from WebControl)
protected methodSetDesignModeState  Overridden. Designer mode state. (Inherited from Control)
protected methodSignIn  Handle the specifics of a protocol signin. (Inherited from SignInControl)
protected methodTrackViewState  Overridden. Track view states. (Inherited from WebControl)

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