Microsoft.Hpc.Excel Namespace

Provides classes for interacting with Excel workbooks and performing calculations for those workbooks on an HPC cluster.

ExcelClientRepresents an engine that implements the partition, calculate, and merge model that Microsoft HPC Pack 2008 R2 Services for Excel 2010 uses to run calculations in a workbook in parallel on an HPC cluster. The workbook must implement the callback macro framework.
ExcelClientExceptionIndicates that the ExcelClient object encountered an error with a nonspecific cause.
ExcelDriverProvides a wrapper around an instance of Excel that simplifies starting Excel and interacting with the component object model (COM) objects that represent items in Excel such as the application, workbook, and worksheets.
PopupMessageRepresents a message box that the pop-up blocker dismissed while running calculations for an Excel workbook on an HPC cluster.
ResponseErrorEventArgsContains data about errors that occurred in getting responses from the HPC cluster for calculation requests.
WorkItemRepresents a list of parameter values that you want to pass to an Excel macro when performing a calculation for a workbook or a list of results from a calculation.

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