Microsoft.Hpc.Dsc Namespace

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Provides classes to manage data in the Distributed Storage Catalog (DSC) on an HPC cluster.

The DSC provides a way to store large data sets by distributing the data on the compute nodes of an HPC cluster. You can then use LINQ to HPC queries to perform calculations and operations on the data in the DSC. A LINQ to HPC query operates in a distributed manner on the data on each of the compute nodes, which moves the computation to the data. When the query is finished, LINQ to HPC automatically collates the results.

The DSC stores the data that an application uses for a LINQ to HPC query in a file set. A file set consists of individual data records, which can be lines of test or objects with a type from the .NET Framework that you have previously saved.

The DSC divides the records in a file set into subsets that are called DSC files. The records in a DSC file are stored together on the same compute node. Different DSC files from the same file set can be stored on different compute nodes, though a compute node can store more than one DSC file in a file set if the file set has more DSC files than the number of compute notes available to the DSC.

DscExceptionRepresents an exception that occurs for a DSC-related error.
DscFileRepresents a DSC file in a file set.
DscFileSetRepresents a file set in the Distributed Storage Catalog (DSC).
DscServiceRepresents the DSC service on the head node of an HPC cluster, and provides methods to manage file sets in the DSC for that cluster.


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