ClusterConfig Methods

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public methodAddCertificateOverloaded. Adds a certificate that will be used by the cluster.
public methodEnableSOAEnables the service-oriented architecture (SOA) solution for the cluster.
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public methodGenerateGenerates the HPC related cscfg section, merges the generated module configuration element to the source cscfg file, and then writes to another cscfg file.
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public methodstaticMergeCscfgFileMerges two cscfg files.
public methodstaticMergeCsdefFileMerges two csdef files.
public methodSetCsdefFileSets the path to the csdef file that defines the cluster topology.
public methodSetInstanceCountSet the number of instances for the specified role.
public methodSetNodeAutoOnlineSpecifies whether compute nodes on the cluster in a given role should be automatically taken online after deployment completes. This will override the result automatically generated by evaluating the csdef file.
public methodSetStorageSets the Windows Azure storage account to be used by the cluster.
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