ServiceInfoSections Enumeration
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ServiceInfoSections Enumeration

Represents the categories of information that can be specified when creating a ServiceInfo object via GetServiceDefinition(HealthServiceConnection, ServiceInfoSections) or GetServiceDefinition(HealthServiceConnection, ServiceInfoSections, DateTime). If any categories are specified, only the information corresponding to those categories will be filled out in the ServiceInfo object; otherwise, all information will be filled out.

Namespace: Microsoft.Health
Assembly: Microsoft.Health (in Microsoft.Health.dll) Version: (1.15.1003.9505)

<FlagsAttribute> _
Public Enumeration ServiceInfoSections

Member nameValueDescription
Platform1 Corresponds to HealthServiceUrl, Version, and ConfigurationValues.
Shell2 Corresponds to HealthServiceShellInfo.
Topology4 Corresponds to ServiceInstances and CurrentInstance.
XmlOverHttpMethods8 Corresponds to Methods and IncludedSchemaUrls.
MeaningfulUse16 Corresponds to MeaningfulUseInfo.
All31 Retrieve all sections.
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