FamilyHistoryV3 Class

The condition of a relative.

Namespace: Microsoft.Health.ItemTypes
Assembly: Microsoft.Health.ItemTypes (in Microsoft.Health.ItemTypes.dll) Version: (1.15.1003.9505)

Public Class FamilyHistoryV3 _
	Inherits HealthRecordItem

The family history condition item stores a condition that a relative of the record-owner has. To create a family tree, use the relationship-types vocabulary to code both directions of the parent/child relationship between one family member and another. These codes are stored as related items for both parent and child data instances. The flexibity of having both condition and relative be optional allows applications to give the users the ability to just put in the details they know at the time they want to create the tree. If they just know the name of the relative, or a particular condition that's all it takes to get a new instance started.