ExerciseSamplesData Class

The ExerciseSamplesData class is used to store and retrieve samples data for the ExerciseSamples class. It handles converting from a sample data format to the comma-separated format.

Namespace: Microsoft.Health.ItemTypes
Assembly: Microsoft.Health.ItemTypes (in Microsoft.Health.ItemTypes.dll) Version: (1.15.1003.9505)

Public Class ExerciseSamplesData _
	Inherits OtherItemDataCsv

Data is represented as either an array of samples with a single value (such as heart rate), or an array of samples with two values (such as a GPS position). The SingleValuedSamples or TwoValuedSamples properties should be used as appropriate based on the stored data type. The underlying format allows the sampling interval to be changed in the middle of a sample set. This class will detect sampling intervals that have changed, and insert appropriate escape values into the resulting data.