ClaimAmounts Properties


The ClaimAmounts type exposes the following members.

Public property AmountNotCovered
Gets or sets the amount for services not covered by the plan.
Public property BenefitsPaid
Gets or sets the amount paid by the payer.
Public property ChargedAmount
Gets or sets the amount charged.
Public property Coinsurance
Gets or sets the amount paid by the person.
Public property CoPayment
Gets or sets the copayment amount.
Public property Deductible
Gets or sets the deductible amount.
Public property EligibleForBenefits
Gets or sets the amount that is eligible for benefits.
Public property MiscellaneousAdjustments
Gets or sets the adjustments that may affect the amount paid on the claim.
Public property NegotiatedAmount
Gets or sets the amount negotiated between the provider and the payer.
Public property PatientResponsibility
Gets or sets the total amount paid by the patient.
Public property PercentageCovered
Gets or sets the percentage of the eligable amount that is covered by the payer.