UpdateItems Method

Updates the specified health record items in one batch call to the service.

Namespace: Microsoft.Health
Assembly: Microsoft.Health (in Microsoft.Health.dll) Version: (1.15.1003.9505)

public static void UpdateItems(
	ApplicationConnection connection,
	HealthRecordAccessor accessor,
	IList<HealthRecordItem> itemsToUpdate


Type: Microsoft.Health..::..ApplicationConnection
The connection to use to access the data.
Type: Microsoft.Health..::..HealthRecordAccessor
The record to use.
Type: System.Collections.Generic..::..IList<(Of <(<'HealthRecordItem>)>)>
The health record items to be updated.

Only new items are updated with the appropriate unique identifier. All other sections must be updated manually.

This method accesses the HealthVault service across the network.

System..::..ArgumentNullException The itemsToUpdate parameter is null.
System..::..ArgumentException The itemsToUpdate contains a null member or a HealthRecordItem instance that does not have an ID.
Microsoft.Health..::..HealthServiceException The HealthVault service returned an error. The exception's Error property will contain the index of the item on which the failure occurred in the ErrorInfo property. If any failures occur, no items will have been updated.