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AddChildApplication Method

Adds a HealthVault application instance for a "child" application of the calling application.

Namespace: Microsoft.Health
Assembly: Microsoft.Health (in Microsoft.Health.dll) Version: (1.15.1003.9505)

public static Guid AddChildApplication(
	OfflineWebApplicationConnection connection,
	ApplicationInfo applicationConfigurationInformation


Type: Microsoft.Health.Web..::..OfflineWebApplicationConnection
The connection to use to add the application.
Type: Microsoft.Health..::..ApplicationInfo
Configuration information about the application being provisioned.

Return Value

The new application identifier for the new application provided by HealthVault.

System..::..ArgumentNullException If connection or applicationConfigurationInformation is null.
System..::..ArgumentException If Name, PublicKeys, OfflineBaseAuthorizations, Description, AuthorizationReason, or LargeLogo is not specified.
Microsoft.Health..::..HealthServiceException If there is an error when the HealthVault service is called.
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