HealthVaultMethods Enumeration

The public HealthVault methods that are available for applications to call.

Namespace: Microsoft.Health
Assembly: Microsoft.Health (in Microsoft.Health.dll) Version: (1.15.1003.9505)

public enum class HealthVaultMethods

Member nameValueDescription
CreateAuthenticatedSessionToken0 Creates an application session token for use with the HealthVault service.
AllocatePackageId1 Pre-allocates a DOPU package id.
AssociateAlternateId2 Creates a new alternate id for the record and person.
BeginPutBlob3 Begin to stream binary data for a Thing.
BeginPutConnectPackageBlob4 Begin to stream binary data for a DOPU package.
CreateConnectPackage5 Create a new DOPU package.
CreateConnectRequest6 Create a new Connect Request.
DeletePendingConnectPackage7 Delete a DOPU package which has not yet been picked up.
DeletePendingConnectRequest8 Delete a connect request which has not yet been accepted.
DisassociateAlternateId9 Remove an alternate id for the record and person.
GetAlternateIds10 Get an alternate ids for the record and person.
GetApplicationInfo11 Gets information about the registered application including name, description, authorization rules, and callback url.
GetApplicationSettings12 Saves application specific information for the logged in user.
GetAuthorizedConnectRequests13 Get a list of accepted connect requests.
GetAuthorizedRecords14 Gets all the records that the user has authorized the application use.
GetEventSubscriptions15 Get a list of event subscriptions for the application.
GetPersonInfo16 Gets information about the logged in user.
GetServiceDefinition17 Gets generic service information about the HealthVault service.
GetThings18 Gets data from a HealthVault record.
GetThingType19 Gets information, including schemas, about the data types that can be stored in a health record.
GetUpdatedRecordsForApplication20 Get a list of updated records for the application.
GetValidGroupMembership21 Get valid group memberships for the record.
GetVocabulary22 Gets information about clinical and other vocabularies that HealthVault supports.
NewSignupCode23 Generate a new signup code.
PutThings24 Adds or updates data in a health record.
QueryPermissions25 Gets the permissions that the application and user have to a health record.
RemoveApplicationRecordAuthorization26 Remove the application's record authorization.
RemoveThings27 Removes data from a health record.
SendInsecureMessage28 Sends an SMTP message on behalf of the logged in user.
SendInsecureMessageFromApplication29 Sends an SMTP message on behalf of the application.
SetApplicationSettings30 Sets application specific data for the user.
SubscribeToEvent31 Subscripe to an event.
UnsubscribeToEvent32 Remove a subscription.
UpdateEventSubscription33 Update a subscription.
UpdateExternalId34 Update DOPU packages external id.
GetMeaningfulUseVDTReport35 Get Meaningful Use VDT Report.
GetMeaningfulUseTimelyAccessReport36 Get Meaningful Use Timley Access Report.