HealthServiceRequest Properties


The HealthServiceRequest type exposes the following members.

Public property CultureCode
Gets or sets the culture-code for the request.
Public property ImpersonatedPersonId
Gets or sets the identifier of the person being impersonated.
Public property MethodName
Gets or sets the method name to call.
Public property MethodVersion
Gets or sets the version of the method to call.
Public property Parameters
Gets or sets the parameters for the method invocation. The parameters are specified via XML for the particular method.
Public property RecordId
Gets or sets the record identifier.
Public property RequestCompressionMethod
Gets or sets the request compression method used by the connection.
Public property Response
Gets the response after Execute is called.
Public property ResponseStreamHandler
Defines a delegate that gets or sets all responses for requests to the HealthVault Service.
Public property TimeoutSeconds
Gets or sets the timeout for the request, in seconds.