HealthServiceConnection Properties


The HealthServiceConnection type exposes the following members.

Public property ApplicationId
Gets the calling application's ID.
Public property AuthenticationToken
Gets the authorization token to be used in all requests for this user.
Public property CancelAllRequests
Cancels any pending request to HealthVault that was initiated with this connection instance and prevents any new requests from being made.
Public property Credential
Gets or sets the application credential that is used to access HealthVault.
Public property Culture
Gets or sets the language to be sent to the server when making requests.
Public property RequestCompressionMethod
Gets or sets the request compression method for this connection.
Public property RequestTimeoutSeconds
Gets or sets the request timeout in seconds.
Public property RequestTimeToLive
Gets or sets the request time-to-live in seconds.
Public property RequestUrl
Gets the HealthVault web-service URL.
Public property ResponseCompressionMethods
Gets or sets the comma-separated response compression methods.
Public property ServiceInstance
Gets the HealthVault web-service instance associated with this connection.
Public property WebProxy
Gets or sets the proxy to use with this instance of HealthServiceConnection.