Microsoft.Health.Events Namespace

Events for HealthVault Event Notification Service.

Public class CommonNotificationData
Represents data that is common across all event notification.
Public class CommonSubscriptionData
Represents data that is common across all event subscriptions.
Public class HealthRecordItemChangedEventArgs
Information describing a health record item changed notification.
Public class HealthRecordItemChangedFilter
A filter that defines what changes to items will result in notification.
Public class HealthRecordItemChangedItem
A class that contains information about a HealthRecordItem that has changed.
Public class HealthRecordItemChangedSubscription
A subscription that sends notifications when an item in a record changes.
Public class HttpNotificationChannel
A NotificationChannel type that uses an HTTP POST as the method of communicating notifications to the application.
Public class NotificationAuthenticationSharedKeyInfo
Contains the information required to implement shared key authentication for HealthVault eventing.
Public class NotificationChannel
The base class for all notification channel types.
Public class NotificationHandler
A class to make processing event notifications simpler.
Public class Subscription
The base class for all subscriptions.
Public class SubscriptionManager
The SubscriptionManager class is used to manage an application's eventing subscriptions.