Microsoft.Expression.Media Namespace

Expression Studio 4.0

Class Description
GeometryEffect Provides the base class for GeometryEffect that transforms a geometry into another geometry.
GeometryEffectConverter Provides the conversion between string and geometry effects.
GeometrySource Provides the base class of a source of geometry. Generates and caches the geometry based on the input parameters and the layout bounds.
SketchGeometryEffect A geometry effect that transforms any geometry into a Sketch style as in SketchFlow.

Interface Description
IGeometrySource Provides an interface to describe the source of a geometry.
IGeometrySourceParameters Provides an interface to describe the parameters of a Shape.
IShape Provides the necessary interface to define a Shape. Both primitive and composite shapes need to match this interface, although they might derive from different types of FrameworkElement.

Enumeration Description
ArrowOrientation Specifies the direction the arrow points.
ArrowType Specifies the arrow head type.
CalloutStyle Specifies the rendering style of a callout shape.
CornerType Specifies the corner location.
InvalidateGeometryReasons Specifies the reason of InvalidateGeometry being called.
UnitType Specifies the unit of thickness.