Microsoft.Expression.Interactivity.Layout Namespace

Expression Studio 4.0

Class Description
AdornerContainer Simple helper class to allow any UIElements to be used as an Adorner.
FluidMoveBehavior Behavior that watches an element (or a set of elements) for layout changes, and moves the element smoothly to the new position when needed. This behavior does not animate the size or visibility of an element; it only animates the offset of that element within its parent container.
MouseDragElementBehavior Repositions the attached element in response to mouse drag gestures on the element.

Enumeration Description
FluidMoveScope This enumerated type indicates whether a FluidMoveBehavior applies to the element to which it is attached, or to the children of that element. "Self" is useful when there is a single element that should behave in a special manner; "Children" is useful when the same behavior should apply to all children of a WrapPanel or to the ItemsHost panel of an ItemsControl.
TagType This enumerated type indicates whether an element is identified by itself, or by its DataContext. DataContext identification allows movement from one data-driven location to another.