Microsoft.Expression.Encoder.Live Namespace

Class Description
AcquireCredentialsEventArgs This class holds information for encoding status.
EncodeStatusEventArgs This class holds information for encoding status.
FileArchivePublishFormat Class that represents a file archive.
LiveDeviceSource This class represents an audio and/or video device that is used as a source in the live encoder.
LiveFileSource This class represents a file that is used as a source in the live encoder.
LiveJob This class exposes routines for encoding video and audio from a live streaming device.
LiveSource This class represents a generic source that can be used in live encoding.
PreviewWindow This class represents a window used for previewing the output of an encoding session or the input of a device.
PublishFormat Base class for a live publishing format.
PullBroadcastPublishFormat Class that represents a pull broadcast.
PushBroadcastPublishFormat Class that represents a push broadcast.
ScreenCaptureSourceProperties This class defines the properties for screen capture source.
ScriptCommand Represents an on-demand script in a live broadcasting project.
ServerStatistics This class holds information about a Windows Media streaming server.
SourceProperties Describes properties of a LiveSource.

Enumeration Description
AcquireCredentialModes This enum holds the different modes used for authentication with the server.
ConfigurationDialog Public enum of the different configuration types that are supported.
EncodeStatus This class holds information for encoding status.
Sensitivity Defines sensitivities for the sample dropping logic.
TransportMode Public enum of the different transport modes a DV or VCR device supports.
VideoConnectorType An enumeration of all the possible video line types.

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