Microsoft.Expression.Controls Namespace

Expression Studio 4.0

Class Description
Callout Renders a callout shape supporting several shapes combined with a callout arrow.
CompositeContentShape Provides a base class of a composite shape that derives from ContentControl and implements IShape.
CompositeShape Provides a base class of a composite shape that derives from Control and implements IShape.
IsArrangedToScaleConverter Converts a Boolean representing whether or not an element is arranged to a Double value used to scale the element.
LayoutPath Describes a path along which elements are arranged.
LineArrow Renders a bent line segment with optional arrow heads on both ends.
PathLayoutData Encapsulates the data needed to update a IPathLayoutItem.
PathLayoutUpdatedEventArgs Provides data for the PathLayoutUpdated event.
PathListBox Contains a list of items that are laid out along one or more paths.
PathListBoxItem Represents an item in a PathListBox.
PathPanel Arranges child elements along one or more path.

Interface Description
IPathLayoutItem Represents an element that is arranged by a PathPanel.

Enumeration Description
ChangedPathLayoutProperties Specifies which path layout properties have changed.
Distribution Specifies the distribution of a LayoutPath.
FillBehavior Specifies the method for altering the Span on an open path.
Orientation Specifies the orientation of elements on a LayoutPath.

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