UpdateInboxRulesException members

Represents an exception that is thrown when an error occurs as a result of calling the UpdateInboxRules operation.

The following tables list the members exposed by the UpdateInboxRulesException type.

  Name Description
Public property Data (inherited from Exception)
Public property ErrorCode Gets the service error code that is associated with the rule operation.
Public property ErrorMessage Gets the service error message that is associated with the rule operation.
Public property Errors Gets a collection of errors that detail the reasons the rule operation failed validation.
Public property HelpLink (inherited from Exception)
Protected property HResult (inherited from Exception)
Public property InnerException (inherited from Exception)
Public property Message (inherited from Exception)
Public property ServiceResponse Gets the ServiceResponse for the exception.
Public property Source (inherited from Exception)
Public property StackTrace (inherited from Exception)
Public property TargetSite (inherited from Exception)

  Name Description
Public method Equals (inherited from Object)
Protected method Finalize (inherited from Object)
Public method GetBaseException (inherited from Exception)
Public method GetHashCode (inherited from Object)
Public method GetObjectData (inherited from Exception)
Public method GetType (inherited from Exception)
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Public method ToString (inherited from Exception)