RuleErrorCode enumeration

Defines the error codes that identify why a rule failed validation.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices.Data
Assembly:  Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices (in Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices.dll)

public enum RuleErrorCode

Member nameDescription
ADOperationFailureThe Active Directory operation failed.
ConnectedAccountNotFoundThe e-mail account specified in the FromConnectedAccounts property was not found.
CreateWithRuleIdYou attempted to create a rule with an ID. The IDs of new rules are generated server side and should not be provided by the client.
EmptyValueFoundThe Value property is empty. An empty Value property is not allowed.
DuplicatedPriorityThere are multiple rules with the same priority. A priority can have only one rule.
DuplicatedOperationOnTheSameRuleThere are multiple operations against the same rule. Only one operation per rule is allowed.
FolderDoesNotExistThe folder does not exist in the user's mailbox.
InvalidAddressThe e-mail address is invalid.
InvalidDateRangeThe date range is invalid.
InvalidFolderIdThe folder ID is invalid.
InvalidSizeRangeThe size range is invalid.
InvalidValueThe value is invalid.
MessageClassificationNotFoundThe message classification was not found.
MissingActionNo action was specified. At least one rule action must be specified for validation.
MissingParameterThe required parameter is missing.
MissingRangeValueThe range value is missing.
NotSettableThe property cannot be modified.
RecipientDoesNotExistThe recipient does not exist.
RuleNotFoundThe rule was not found. No rules were found that match the criteria.
SizeLessThanZeroThe size is less than zero.
StringValueTooBigThe string value is too big.
UnsupportedAddressThe address is unsupported.
UnexpectedErrorAn unexpected error occurred.
UnsupportedRuleThe rule is not supported.